The cult of the cobra


If you were in the military over seas I’m sure the first thing you’d do is to sneak in to see an ancient ritual. You know the ritual where a woman turns into a snake. Even though you told numerous times not to take pictures you still did. This of course got all the snake worshippers mad and trying to kill you and your buddies. Then since you drunk you grabbed the basket containing the snake/woman in it and fled the temple leaving you friends to fight their way out. Of course you wouldn’t do that, but that’s how this film starts. The idiot  guy who took the snake basket is bitten and dies. The others think this business is over, but of course it isn’t. Then no too long after this mess the guys all go back to the states and become  civilians. Well, that curse won’t give up and the snake woman follows the guys back to New York. There she hooks up with one the guys and begins killing the others one at a time. Eventually one of the smarter guys in the group becomes wise to what is going on here. Eventually the snake woman meets her/it’s end. Roll those credits.

The negatives-The budget is low and the sets are cramped, but you should expect that going in.

The positives-Overall this solid little film that all too often gets lost in the jumble of 1950’s monster flicks. This film has a decent cast (most of the guys went on to star in shows in the 1960’s) that elevate the simple script. The makers of the film also do a decent job of building the suspense. Really a good film that fans

1980’s arcade games-Xybots

The first player is “Major Rock Hardy” and  the second player is “Captain Ace Gunn”, but they pretty much look and move the same. You go through this maze fighting robots that get tougher as you go along. Wait, that’s it? Yeah, pretty much. However by 1987 standards these are pretty good graphics and a fairly challenging game to play. I didn’t have the guts to try this one back in the day. I only watched it from a distance. I have played it on a collection in recent years and really like it. However I doubt my quarter would have gotten me very far if I’d try playing it in the arcade back in the late 1980’s.

The Leech Woman



I remember seeing this cure for aging on a recent infomercial. There was this hopeless, aging drunk woman who was in a bad relationship and she had no future. She was a real mess. Then she heard about this ancient African woman with a cure for aging. You simply take this sharp ring, poke a person you hate in the neck thus killing them. Then you extract some blood from their corpse, mix it with this Kool-Aid like powder, stir, swallow and turn young and attractive. The only thing is it’s only temporary so you have to keep doing it. If you act now they’ll throw in a polishing rag to clean the blood off your ring after using it. Oh, wait it wasn’t an infomercial it was a black and white Universal horror film. That’s where I saw this. Of course the lady in question got the cops on her trail. Then when she needed to become young she had dropped the ring. So instead of becoming young she shrivels up like a picked grape under the summer sun. Roll the credits.

The negatives-You can see the ending coming a mile away. Even the characters who aren’t committing murders are kind of nasty so it’s hard to root or care for anyone.

The positives-The pace is quick and the film rolls along. The murders are mostly done in a ruthless style which works with the plot.

This one gets ripped a lot for being cheap and having a whacky plot, but overall I like it. It shows rotten people doing rotten things to get what they want and in the end they get what they deserve. To me that’s always a decent idea to write a story about.



Step into the street by sundown
Step into your last goodbye
You’re a target just by living
Twenty dollars will make you die

…Or so it may be with this month’s animated villain. It is none other than the Wildman of the west, that serpent of the sagebrush it is Yosemite Sam.


He was short in stature, but big on being the nastiest cuss he could be. He yelled, shot first and had enough meanness for about ten nasty hombres. True he normally failed at getting rid of Bugs Bunny, but he tried hard and caused as much trouble as he could. There you go until next month stay nasty!


The oblong Box and the strangest tavern ever


Billed as the Oblong Box and starring Vincent Price and Christopher Lee this film actually has nothing to do with the Poe story, Lee has a small, supporting role and Price has a larger supporting role. Overall it’s a good looking, but fairly dull and predictable film. I try every few years to view it and hope to grow to like it, but it’s been sixteen years since I first saw it and it hasn’t gotten any better. However it should be watched if only for the strangest tavern ever on film. It was just to supposed to be a setting for one of the leads to get in trouble with the law. However that bit of vague story development is pushed aside by overall weirdness of this tavern and the people who are there. It’s a very hazy and cramped place with lots heavy bobbing, off key singing, booby grabbing awkward dancing. Okay , you may be saying not of that would be strange in a tavern. Perhaps it’s just the way it’s filmed. The people don’t really move on from each having just one task and everyone seems like they are in this loop just doing that one odd task over and over. Despite it’s bizarre nature it may be the scene I definitely look forward to the most when it comes on. Check it out some time.

Ten reasons why The Golden Voyage of Sinbad is the best film in Harryhausen’s Sinbad series


1-It has the strongest plot of the three films.
2-John Phillip Law won’t win any acting awards, but he looks like how I imagine Sinbad would look.
3-To go along with number two I also though Law did the best of the Sinbads in his fight scenes.
4-Tom Baker was the only one of the Sinbad villains to be heartless, menacing and fairly competent.
5-Come on the ship’s own figurehead came to life to menace them. Way cool.
6-While the land settings in all three films were great I think this one trumped the others.
7-Painted savages.
8-Griffin vs. Centaur to the death.
9-The blood of the villain coloring a whole fountain red.
10-Caroline Munro




Upcoming junk and stuff


I still hope to have something about the Golden voyage of Sinbad up tomorrow plus Skeletor should be by. For next week there will be an 80’s or 90’s video game review. Other reviews will include The time of their lives – a sort of ghost movie with Abbott and Costello plus hopefully another Space Rangers episode and possibly the Oblong Box with Vincent Price.

Take care!

Correct and incorrect on Peanuts the movie



Here are five things that were correct with this movie and five that weren’t.


1-Snoopy should have Charlie Brown’s back.

2-Linus should always be wise, but have that strong faith that makes him slightly flawed.

3-Peppermint Patty should succeed even when it’s by accident

4-Sally should look up to her brother more often than not (this movie was one of the few times I really liked Sally).

5-Lucy will always pull the ball away and Charlie Brown will always fly up in the air and land hard on the ground



1-Marcie should not be stiff and ultra-serious.

2-Snoopy’s pretending works better when it’s not constantly pointed out that it’s just in his head.

3-Charlie Brown can succeed in small ways, but the little red haired girl becoming his pen pal comes very close to being more than just a small success.

4-When it came time for a classmate to be Charlie Brown’s pen pal I am sure that either Peppermint Patty or Marcie would have said yes before the little red haired girl.

5-Lucy might have thought Charlie Brown was okay, but she wouldn’t say it in front of others.

As a huge fan of Peanuts I actually thought this film was quite good. Perfect? No, but don’t let all of the old negative Nellie’s and their “this isn’t just like Peanuts was for me when I was a kid” garbage influence you. This film manages to catch much of the spirit and humor of Peanuts. Plus oh my goodness a G movie for the whole family? And it’s entertaining. That doesn’t happen too often anymore.

Ten things I learned from Sinbad and the eye of the tiger

Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger[11-16-20]d4f4cb77621a846d989998f7d39597b3

1-Don’t party too hard because it may be a trap with monsters waiting for you.
2-The best way to stop a guy from being king is to turn him into a baboon.
3-Metal bulls make decent henchmen.
4-A stepmother who knows magic can be trouble.
5-Raggy smart dudes like to live like hermits.
6-Some times smart dudes who live like hermit will leave their hermit homes.
7-Turning into a bird might result in you having a bird foot forever.
8-A giant walrus will attack you the moment you enter an icy area.
9-Mystical temples are tucked away in distant lands.
10-Big old sabertooth tigers cause problems.

This was the last of the three Ray Harryhausen – Sinbad films and unfortunately I think it’s the weakest of the bunch. The effects are generally good. However despite the genius of Harryhausen the stop motion creations were looking a bit old in the same year that Star Wars and Close Encounters of the third kind came out. Patrick (son of John) Wayne is Sinbad and while he looks okay in the role he comes across as slightly bland the adventurous captain. Jane Seymour and Patrick Troughton help in supporting roles. The plot revolves around a would be kind being turned into a baboon by his gypsy talking stepmother. This leads to Sinbad trying to help them journey to a temple to get the baboon turned back into himself so he can get his crown. Wait.. what? Really? Yeah, that’s pretty lame and the weak plot drags down the film. The Harryhausen creations help it to be watchable, but overall it’s a little above average.