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80’s arcade games-Rush n’ attack

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Here is a cold war era side scrolling shooter from Konami. It was released in 1985 and it actually kind of violent for the time. You are a US army time trying to free POWs from an enemy camp. Your dude goes through the base dodging and/or killing the enemies. You begin with a knife but can use other weapons you pick up long the way including an awesome flame thrower. I only briefly played this back in the 80’s, but have played it recently on the Xbox on a Konami classics which also features Track and field and Contra. I found Rush n’ attack to be more difficult than I thought because it’s a fairly fast paced game. Cool if you are into shooters or military games. It was a fairly popular game in the arcade. It also got some home releases. Some home computer versions changed the name to Green Beret.


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