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Dracula-Dead and loving it



This films spoofs Dracula films including the 1931 Universal version, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and even has a few jabs as Hammer films Dracula movies. This Count Dracula guy (Leslie Nielson) turns this semi-normal guy Renfeld (Peter MacNicol) into a bug eating lacky. Drac then moves to England where he turns a girl named Lucy (Lysette Anthony) into an undead -aieeeeeeee! Although she is actually more fun that way. Dacula then sets his sites on Mina (Amy Yasbeck). However she has help or sort of in the form or her drippy boyfriend (Steven Weber), her clueless dad (Harvey Korman) and the slightly more enlightened Van Helsing ( Mel Brooks). Drac takes his time bleeding Mina as he also takes her dancing. Eventually the good characters and the not so bright Renfeld cause the end of the Count.

The negatives-This film often gets compared to Young Frankenstein, but they are two different films.

The positives-I liked this film much better now than I did when I first saw it years ago. The jokes vary between slapstick and some things you have to think about a little. The bottom line is it’s funny and mostly well played by a solid cast. For me at this point Mel Brooks hadn’t had a good film in a while. Bringing Leslie Nielson in certainly helped this film. I found myself laughing a lot this time around. Peter MacNicol also gives a standout performance as Renfeld as he goes bonkers with the part. Not sure why I saw it differently this time around, but I very much enjoyed it.


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4 responses to “Dracula-Dead and loving it

  1. drhumpp

    You’re right, MacNicol is a standout. He’s got some great moments here. Also, I’ve always had a soft spot for Yasbeck. She’s beautiful.

    • Not MacNicol’s first time as a whimpering follower (Ghostbusters 2) but yeah he nailed it as Renfeld. I thought both the Mina and Lucy characters were well played in this one.

  2. Even after all these years, I still have not seen this show. Maybe one day.

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