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Ten things I learned from Sinbad and the eye of the tiger

Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger[11-16-20]d4f4cb77621a846d989998f7d39597b3

1-Don’t party too hard because it may be a trap with monsters waiting for you.
2-The best way to stop a guy from being king is to turn him into a baboon.
3-Metal bulls make decent henchmen.
4-A stepmother who knows magic can be trouble.
5-Raggy smart dudes like to live like hermits.
6-Some times smart dudes who live like hermit will leave their hermit homes.
7-Turning into a bird might result in you having a bird foot forever.
8-A giant walrus will attack you the moment you enter an icy area.
9-Mystical temples are tucked away in distant lands.
10-Big old sabertooth tigers cause problems.

This was the last of the three Ray Harryhausen – Sinbad films and unfortunately I think it’s the weakest of the bunch. The effects are generally good. However despite the genius of Harryhausen the stop motion creations were looking a bit old in the same year that Star Wars and Close Encounters of the third kind came out. Patrick (son of John) Wayne is Sinbad and while he looks okay in the role he comes across as slightly bland the adventurous captain. Jane Seymour and Patrick Troughton help in supporting roles. The plot revolves around a would be kind being turned into a baboon by his gypsy talking stepmother. This leads to Sinbad trying to help them journey to a temple to get the baboon turned back into himself so he can get his crown. Wait.. what? Really? Yeah, that’s pretty lame and the weak plot drags down the film. The Harryhausen creations help it to be watchable, but overall it’s a little above average.


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