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Correct and incorrect on Peanuts the movie



Here are five things that were correct with this movie and five that weren’t.


1-Snoopy should have Charlie Brown’s back.

2-Linus should always be wise, but have that strong faith that makes him slightly flawed.

3-Peppermint Patty should succeed even when it’s by accident

4-Sally should look up to her brother more often than not (this movie was one of the few times I really liked Sally).

5-Lucy will always pull the ball away and Charlie Brown will always fly up in the air and land hard on the ground



1-Marcie should not be stiff and ultra-serious.

2-Snoopy’s pretending works better when it’s not constantly pointed out that it’s just in his head.

3-Charlie Brown can succeed in small ways, but the little red haired girl becoming his pen pal comes very close to being more than just a small success.

4-When it came time for a classmate to be Charlie Brown’s pen pal I am sure that either Peppermint Patty or Marcie would have said yes before the little red haired girl.

5-Lucy might have thought Charlie Brown was okay, but she wouldn’t say it in front of others.

As a huge fan of Peanuts I actually thought this film was quite good. Perfect? No, but don’t let all of the old negative Nellie’s and their “this isn’t just like Peanuts was for me when I was a kid” garbage influence you. This film manages to catch much of the spirit and humor of Peanuts. Plus oh my goodness a G movie for the whole family? And it’s entertaining. That doesn’t happen too often anymore.


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3 responses to “Correct and incorrect on Peanuts the movie

  1. Me and my wife enjoyed the movie too! It was not perfect like you said but it tried to stay close to the Peanuts themes while still being able to keep your interest for a full length film, which is not always easy when its based on a comic strip 🙂

  2. Loved this film. Saw it in theater and bought it on Blu Ray.

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