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Step into the street by sundown
Step into your last goodbye
You’re a target just by living
Twenty dollars will make you die

…Or so it may be with this month’s animated villain. It is none other than the Wildman of the west, that serpent of the sagebrush it is Yosemite Sam.


He was short in stature, but big on being the nastiest cuss he could be. He yelled, shot first and had enough meanness for about ten nasty hombres. True he normally failed at getting rid of Bugs Bunny, but he tried hard and caused as much trouble as he could. There you go until next month stay nasty!


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  1. drhumpp

    Nice use of Alice Cooper!

    My favorite Sam moment is when he had to clean up his act in order to collect an inheritance. Bugs was such a bastard.

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