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The oblong Box and the strangest tavern ever


Billed as the Oblong Box and starring Vincent Price and Christopher Lee this film actually has nothing to do with the Poe story, Lee has a small, supporting role and Price has a larger supporting role. Overall it’s a good looking, but fairly dull and predictable film. I try every few years to view it and hope to grow to like it, but it’s been sixteen years since I first saw it and it hasn’t gotten any better. However it should be watched if only for the strangest tavern ever on film. It was just to supposed to be a setting for one of the leads to get in trouble with the law. However that bit of vague story development is pushed aside by overall weirdness of this tavern and the people who are there. It’s a very hazy and cramped place with lots heavy bobbing, off key singing, booby grabbing awkward dancing. Okay , you may be saying not of that would be strange in a tavern. Perhaps it’s just the way it’s filmed. The people don’t really move on from each having just one task and everyone seems like they are in this loop just doing that one odd task over and over. Despite it’s bizarre nature it may be the scene I definitely look forward to the most when it comes on. Check it out some time.


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