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The werewolves


When I was in second grade my elementary school did not have a mascot. So everyone in the school could nominate a possible name. Yeah, that sure opened up a can of worms. I had the perfect suggestion the Werewolves. This was due to the fact that my favorite show at the time was the Monster Squad and my favorite character was Bruce W. Wolf. I spoke up and made my suggestions. My teacher likely rolled her eyes. The I campaigned quickly telling all around me they had to vote for werewolves because who didn’t want that to be their mascot? Apparently most kids judging by the results. We had our heads down and could vote on three suggestions. The top suggestions were Giants, Colts and Cougars. Yeah, very dull. The all the classes nominations were sent to the office. They added them up and came up with the top three which were the Giants, the Roadrunners and the Elves. Then everyone in the school got one vote. The kids in my class who supported the Giants the first around were trying to get the whole class to vote their way. Yeah right, turn down werewolves and I won’t be supporting your choice. Elves was a lame choice, probably inspired by kids who liked Keebler products. The coyote and the roadrunner on every Saturday morning with tons of violence so I went for the roadrunner. Roadrunners won and became the team mascot with red and blue as the colors. This was 1977 and the name stuck until the school was knocked down and a new one was built on the same site. Then they changed the name to the Yellowjackets and the colors to yellow and black. Word was there wasn’t an election just a decision made by the powers that be. Oh, well to think they could have been the werewolves had they only listened to me.




About markmc2012

I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

2 responses to “The werewolves

  1. drhumpp

    When I started Kindergarten in 1984, our mascot was the Roadrunners as well. Schools tend to be fond of alliterative mascots. I had Reingold Road Runners and Fall Brook Falcons.

    For what it’s worth, Werewolves would have increased school spirit 1000%.

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