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The new adventures of Batman

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“Hey, I remember this cartoon from when I was a kid with Batman and Robin”

“You mean the Super Friends”

“No, it was just Batman and Robin”

“With Casey Kasem doing Robin?”

“No, that was the Super Friends. This one had Adam West and Burt Ward doing Batman and Robin’s voices”

“I’m still not remembering it”

“They had the Joker and Penguin, but Catwoman wore a weird outfit and there was a fat villain named Sweet Tooth who used candy as a weapon”

“You must be making this up”

“Oh and they had this alien pest named Bat Mite who would screw everything up”

“I remember him…I hated Batmite”

The above fake discussion may help tell a little about this series. Filmation made this short lived cartoon (16 episodes) in early 1977, but then showed it over and over every season through Spring of 1977. It was usually paired up with the Tarzan cartoon (soon to be released on DVD). Adam West and Burt Ward reprise their roles as Batman and Robin. Melendy Britt (She-ra) does Batgirl, Barbara Gordon and Catwoman. Lenny Weinrib (Scrappy Doo and a ton of other voices) does Commissioner Gordon and a number of the male villains including the Joker and the Penguin. Producer Lou Scheimer does Batmite, the Bat computer and Clayface. So yeah they went the usual cheap Filmation route with a handful of people doing all the voices. There was no Alfred the Butler and like the Super Friends they were not allowed to show fighting. This cartoon was on the same year that Hanna Barbara’s Super Friends were on. Apparently there were some rights issues involved in this as Hanna Barbara could use the Riddler, but not the Joker. So this show had the Joker and even though they showed a pink suit clad riddler in the opening they did not have the rights to use him in episodes. There would be some kind of crime, the Dynamic Duo would try to catch the baddies and somewhere along the line alien/Batman fan Batmite would screw things up. Batgirl would help on occasion as well.

The negatives-

Dear heavenly God why did they include Batmite? He almost ruined the entire cartoon.

Sweet Tooth? Really? Stick with the classic villains.

Alien villains? See above after Sweet Tooth.

No fighting-Yes because we don’t super heroes to appear to be you know super.

Catwoman’s appearance-Not sure if this was another rights issue or just trying to update her look to the 1970’s. Either way it wasn’t great.


The positives-

Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin. They worked well together and this was the best part of the show.

Using classic Batman villains like the Joker, the Penguin and Mr. Freeze.

Batgirl-She should have been in more episodes.

Commisioner Gordon looked like he did in the comics.

The animation is mostly decent for the time.


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