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Ten cool things about The Greatest American Hero-Pt.1 and 2-Pilot


1-A vice president going after the big job in a crooked way.

2-The dune buggies.

3-A dead FBI agent coming back to give instructions.

4-The alien spaceship.

5-Bill pulling a gun on knife wielding Tony.

6-A superhero who couldn’t very well control his powers.

7-The bad guy’s compound with all it’s hallways and red interior.

8-Pam’s reactions to this whole mess.

9-Ending the situation in the most clumsy way a superhero has ever solve anything.

10-Bill’s assumption that of course Ralph would want to give up his free time to help catch baddies for nothing.

This was a really good show that had some things going against it the whole three years. Still they started out on the right foot with this one. They established the main characters and plot plus began to show that this was going to be more of a character driven show than just a straight actioner.



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