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The Greatest American Hero- The hit car


Yeah, yeah I went right back to season one, but this a fantastic and very important episode for the show as it continues to show the growth between the main characters.

Bill has been trying for years to nail rotten mobster type Johnny Damanti. Now his ex-girlfriend Starlet is supposed to testify and Bill has to get her to court. One agent already felt the might of Johnny’s Hit car. Of course Bill pulls Ralph and Pam into this mess. Ralph is still struggling to figure out his powers and does not want to fly because he stinks at it. They try to get Starlet to testify, but on the way Johnny’s goons keep almost killing Bill. If it wasn’t for Ralph and his bumbling powers Bill would have been a goner. We see the origin of Bill eating dog biscuits in this episode. Eventually they get Starlet to court and again Johnny is there almost killing Bill outside the court house. Inside Starlet does not testify and Bill’s FBI contacts chew him out on this. Turns out it was a set-up. Bill goes behind Ralph’s back and confronts Johnny, his right hand guy and Starlet. He gets Johnny real mad and he gets out the hit car. Bill pulls out …uh Ralph and the suit. The good guys stop the hit car and capture Johnny.


Another great early episode that focuses more on Bill but still shows growth for all three of the main characters. Maybe my favorite episode of the entire series.


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