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Wonder Woman meets Gargantua

wonderwoman0106_wonderwomangargantua03 wwg Episode107 ErikaBelgard


First season Wonder Woman so that of course meets Nazis. This time a Nazi agent named Erica who studies animals is brought to condition and control an ape named Gargantua to go and recapture a defecting agent. However Wonder Woman soon becomes a problem so Erica trains Gargantua to go after Wonder Woman with hatred in his eyes. She even dresses up like our hero to test the big ape. Of course the Big G and WW collide in a clash of the limited TV budget characters. Wonder Woman manages to calm the big guy down and once again end the nasty Nazi plot. Ewww take that!.

The negatives-Another fairly bad and laughable plot.

The positives-A decent pace helps. The supporting cast helps as and this includes big man Micky Morton (Star Trek’s Gamesters of Triskellion and lost of other roles from the late 50’s to the early 90’s) as Gargantua, John Hillerman (Higgins from Magnum PI), the late Robert Loggia (Scarface, Big and tons of other roles) and Gretchen Corbett (Beth Davenport on The Rockford Files) as Erica.


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