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Wonder Woman-The pied piper

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Science fiction and music rarely mix in television and movie. My opinion, but here’s on that supports that. Wonder Woman/Diana Prince gets pulled into a scheme by a well known musician to get more money. Okay, sounds alright to far. Martin Mull (Roseanne, Sabrina-the teenage witch and tons of other stuff) plays an Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull type. Uh you are starting to lose me. He uses his flute to mesmerize people and then steal a bunch on money from the concert hall. Whoa, there that sounds like a whacked out cheapo cartoon plot. Oh yeah and he is using Eve Plumb (Jan Brady) until Wonder Woman shows up to set things right. Oh, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman! If you didn’t get that one then you have not watched enough Brady Bunch. The pied piper gets some slack because agents and such did take advantage of him at some point and he does love his music and fans. There is also tons of stock concert fan footage, bad music and more unbelievable stuff going on throughout.

The positives-Good to see Martin Mull and Eve Plumb, but wish they had gotten better parts. Lynda Carter as always tried hard.

The negatives- Mull being miscast as a rock star. Most of the plot is lame-o.

Not the best episode at all, but memorable for how silly it is and the guest stars.


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