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Batman-Hi diddle riddle and Smack in the middle


Explosions and cornball riddles put the dynamic duo on the tail of the Riddler which is of course what the fiend wants as he lures  them into to abusing him over something that’s not a crime. Batman and Robin try hard to figure out the Riddler’s real devious plot by answering a series of riddles that make sense to them but not to any of us viewers. The trail eventually leads Batman to a disco, but Robin being a minor he can’t go in. While there Batman gets lures in by a woman (Molly) to an extent, he dances and then he drinks drugged orange juice. This leads to Robin being captured. The Riddler makes a Robin mask from the original. Molly uses it to fool Batman to take her to the Batcave. While there Bats of course spots a flaw in the mask and Molly is revealed. She tries to escape but falls into the crap that’s used to power the Batmobile and she dies. Batman gets the real Robin back and they realize the Riddler is tyring to steal some priceless stamps. The Dynamic duo are ready for him and his goons.  A fight breaks out, but the Riddler escapes to riddle them another day.

The first two episodes of the series set the campy yet fun tone for the first season. Two very strong episodes and Frank Gorshin is great as the  Riddler.

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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

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