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Batman-True or false face/Holy Rat Race


Master of disguise False Face is up to no good. He manages to steal a crown. Later he is disguised as an armored car driver, but keen eyed Batman spots him for who he is, but he escapes in his trick truck. False escapes again disguising himself as that boob Chief O’Hara. The Dynamic Duo later think they will get him, but instead get lured into being glued to railroad tracks. Fortunately Alfred sends a circuit thingie over to Batman causing his radio to go boom and melt the cement so they can escape before being run over by the train. False Face goes to rob a bank, but the heroes lay in wait for him. The baddie and his girl Blaze run and end up at a movie studio. False Face discovers that Blaze likes Batman and had helped him ruin his evil plans. So he uses her as a shield to try and escape through the old west sets. Eventually Batman sees through his disguises and ends his reign of masquerading terror.

These two episodes were the only in the series to have False Face. A shame because I think he was a very good villain. I loved the angles, the weird reveals and character actor Malachi Throne had a great voice and pulled it off. I tossed a picture in below of him from Star Trek so you can see what he really looked like. If you are a fan of 60’s and 70’s TV you have likely seen him in lots of things.




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