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So long, Buck Kartalian

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Long time character actor Buck Kartalian died the other day at the age of 93. He had over 75 credits and had a career that spanned over six decades. He didn’t get into acting until his 30’s and had spent time as a bodybuilder and pro-wrestler before that. He is perhaps best know for his rule as the grumpy jailer gorilla Julius in the original The planet of the apes film. He was back in ape make-up a few years as Frank another gorilla in Conquest of the planet of the apes. He had parts in Cool Hand Luke, The outlaw Josey Wales and in was  a number of shows from Get Smart to Just shoot me!. However for me he will always be Bruce W. Wolf from the oh too short lived 1970’s Saturday Morning show The Monster Squad. He was a small guy and five foot three, but he had a great gruff voice, beady eyes and a very distinctive nose. A very solid character actor indeed.



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