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1970’s DVD list with a long name

Five 1970’s sci-fi shows that should be released as whole season DVD sets.


Fantastic Journey-1977

A very short lived show about people from different times and planets pulled into this weird area in the Bermuda Triangle. Never saw it and know it only from reputation and a number of stills. If this came out on DVD I’d buy it right away.

Project UFO-1978-79

The only one of these show to go more than one season although I guess it was more like two and a half seasons that ended up with 26 episodes. This was a Jack Webb show so it had that emotionless approach. This one followed two government agents looking over UFO sightings. I remember seeing a few episodes and really liking as a kid. Not sure it would hold up, but I’d love to see it again.


I saw most of this when it was on. It went back and forth between three stories-a modern Dracula retelling, a suspense thriller and a remake of the Secret Empire. Unfortunately it was canceled before all the stories showed the finales however I believe the ending were filmed.

Time Express-1979

I never saw this one. It stars Vincent Price and his real life wife Coral Brown as hosts of a ghost train who let guests re-visit the best moment of their life. Sounds a little like a spookier Fantasy Island. The show lasted a mere four episodes. The big reason I want to see this is just because of Vincent Price.

Salvage 1-1979

In the 1970’s Andy Griffith was searching hard for another regular TV series. He may have been miscast as a junkman wanting to go into space. I have brief memories of this, but would love to all of the few episodes that were done. Unlike the other shows on here most of these have been released on made by on demand DVDs, but they are like $20 an episode! I would love to see the whole series for that then someone might buy it.



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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

2 responses to “1970’s DVD list with a long name

  1. drhumpp

    You are like a treasure trove of forgotten television shows!

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