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Space:1999-The Testament of Arkadia

The moon and thus Moonbase Alpha is pulled in by this planet zooooooopppppp. Koenig and the rest say hey, there’s much else to do so let’s fly one our Eagle crafts over to yonder planet and check it out. Of course given this is Space: 1999 it takes them five minutes to say what I said in one sentence. Slightly sour Anna and slightly creepy Luke join the regulars on the trip so you know they’ll be important only to this episode. On the planet they discover a bunch of dead weeds, some icky skeletons and oh yeah signs that humans may have come from the beings on this planet. What the heck? That’s an awful quick revelation. Anyways speaking of awful back on Moonbase Alpha their power is fading fast and they have no solutions. It’s getting cold and the characters act ice and stiff…oh wait they always act like that. It’s determined that there is a chance of growing crops and such on the planet should Koenig and the rest choose to leave the troubled moonbase and take a shot trying to make a go of it on the planet. Luke and Anna are thrilled because they felt the bones call to them that they were destined to start a life on this planet (!?). Yay…but wait power has stabilized at a low but for now tolerable rate on the moonbase so the big exodus to the planet is off. Luke and Anna tell Koenig they want to go to the planet to live and he says no because it would too much of their supplies. They respond how and normal dedicated crew member would…they take supplies and  everything else they need by gunpoint or laser point or laser gun that looks like a staple gun since this is Space:1999. Koenig decided to let them go to avoid further violence and because time is running out on the episode. Plop Luke and Anna to the planet and now back to deal with the moonbase probl…wait power is back and the moon floats back aways. Luke and Anna are stuck to be Adam and Eve on a craphole planet and Moonbase Alpha is on to season two…oh dear the craphole planet doesn’t sound so bad.

The good-The idea behind the episode is slightly different for this show and although it’s uneven it is an interesting idea. The episode has more action than some of the others. I actually think although flawed this is one of my favorite episodes of the first season.

The bad-While the general idea of finding another planet where out life started has promise the episode throws away logic to some extent and makes some real leaps to get to this idea. Also it was slightly tough to buy Luke and Anna seeming to be dedicated crewmembers who suddenly go bonkers pulling weapons to get what they want.

The episode is overall pretty good for this show and I see it as one that tried to go beyond their usual ideas.


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