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The Bat People AKA: It lives by night

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A couple are out exploring caves because I guess they don’t have lives. The wooden acting dude gets bit by a bat although given how bad his acting is he likely should have been hit by one instead you know like a Louisville Slugger kind of bat. Anywho they trouble the local doctor with their nonsense. There’s a lot droning on blah blah blah disease blah blah blah monsters and that kind of lunacy. The guy turns into a really cool looking bat guy just like the one in the poster…. no just kidding, he is a monster in the shadows grabbing women and killing them in rather boring ways and the film shows as little as possible. A local sheriff goes from semi-helpful to mean to nutbar in his pursuit of the boring bat dude. Our main couple make love which is not surprisingly dull and the woman opens her eyes to see her mate has transformed into a bat lover! Everyone gets tired of spewing out the dialog such as it is so the films races to an end. Some bats get the sheriff and some other dull, uninspired hooey goes on to and oh please roll the credits and have mercy on us.

The negatives-

The film starts out with some promise and there was potential to do something. The problem is they go for a subtle route of talk and no action or horror or suspense and the film mostly dies a quick death.

The positives-

There are some great locations and mostly they make as much use out of them as they can. The film begins alright with our lead getting bit by a bat and hints that he is becoming a monster. These parts had me thinking if they could increase the suspense this could have been a 70’s version of the classic man into monster type film that was popular in the 40’s and 50’s. Alas the makers of this fiulm just didn’t push hard enough with that angle. Trek fans will quickly notice that three of the four main characters were played by people who were guests in episodes of the original series. Long time character actors Michael Pataki (Korax from the Trouble with tribbles) and Paul Carr (Kelso from Where no man has gone before) actually try hard and help some in their supporting roles in this film.

Ultimately it’s a film that isn’t exciting enough for horror fans and it’s almost even too boring for fans of bad films to really make it through the whole thing. It’s a shame because there really was some potential here early on and some capable people in the cast.




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