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The fly


Wait, they made a movie about a dude’s pants zipper? Oh it’s about insect. However the first half an hour is about some guy zapping stuff from one booth to another and the booths look like steampunk port a potties. He can transport a pencil or something, but when he tries living things they blow up and get all bloody. Then he transports a steak and it looks good, but tastes like crap. It’s like the crappiest transporter ever and maybe he should left this kind of stuff top Starfleet engineers to build. Oh, waith this is 80’s horror and not Star Trek. Anyways eventually he transports an ape and it works. So then he does what any great scientist would do he gets drunk and transports himself. Unfortunately there was a fly in his booth which may be just as bad as having a fly in your soup. He thinks it went fine and that it made him super. Soon enough he starts getting hairs in odd places even odder than where most guys get them when they get older. Plus he gets stronger, uglier and even crazier. He tries to get his girlfriend to transport and she says no way, whackjob. Eventually his mind begins to really go as does his body as he starts to look like all the gum was peeled off the bottom of a bunch of desks and stuck all over his body. The girlfriend is pregnant with the soon to be insect’s kid and she knows he’s gone over the edge so she tells her grumpy ex-boyfriend. The all heck breaks loose as whackjob-turned gum covered guy grabs and heads back to his lab. The grumpy ex follows with a gun only to get some of his limbs melted off the soon to be fly guy spits out some foamy flesh eating slop. Soon our scientist sheds what was left of his skin and emerges as a big old creepy, crawly fly! He tries to transport himself and his girlfriend to merge them together you know like chocolate and peanut butter coming together in a peanut butter cup only not nearly as appetizing. The partially crippled ex manages to shoot a cable to stop it and hurt the fly badly. The girlfriend with the help of the fly and the gun put an end to all of this nastiness. Roll those credits.

The negatives-I’m not a huge Geena Davis fan at all and have usually found her to be lacking when it comes to conveying emotions. While not awful here she is definitely lacking in her performance and I’m sure most people won’t agree with me on that.

The positives-This as back when Jeff Goldblum’s quirky bluster was still fairly fresh and he delivers a pretty solid performance. The effects may be slightly dated, but still overall pretty cool. The whole idea of what Goldblum’s character is doing is a bit of stretch, but the mad scientist idea works for the most part.

Overall this film has held up well for being 30 years old.


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

2 responses to “The fly

  1. drhumpp

    This is still a pretty incredible movie.

  2. LOL, … “and I’m sure most people won’t agree with me on that…” That made me laugh because I thought she was good in this 🙂

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