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Comet TV-Almost one year later


I don’t have cable so I depend on DVDs and what few channels I can get. Although over the last 3-4 years I have gotten more channels in. Last Halloween saw the debut of Come TV a sci-fi and horror channel. I was excited at first, but like any free channels it had positives and negatives. Unfortunately changes were slow to come and I ended watching it less and less as they showed the same things over and over. September has finally seen some changes that have me watching it again with great hope.

Here are some positive changes they have made.

1-Bringing on Mystery science theater 3000. It’s only two episodes and only on Sunday evening, but now they have a show worth tuning in for.

2-Replacing 1990’s Outer Limits with the classic 60’s show. The 90’s version could be decent, but when someone says Outer Limits I think classic so I am glad they have it on a week night every week now.

3-Godzilla! They had a Labor Day marathon and now show them on Friday nights this month. Right now it’s just been like five different films, but hey glad Big G is on.

4-Vincent Price movies. For most of the first year the horror films they showed mostly left a lot to be desired, but now they are getting into some more classic material. I knew this channel was with Warner Brothers so I had been hoping for months they tap into some of the good films that company owns the rights to.

5-Less Stargate TV series. I like the shows well enough and knew with this channel they were starting with it as their feature show. However it soon turned to be like their only show and it was on all the time. Then they’d show the same episode multiple times in a week. They have replaced it with the Outer Limits and other shows. While the other shows are ones that I have never seen I do look forward to something different. If they stink at least they are only on one night a week.

6-The Godzilla dance party commercial. It’s a humorous commercial promoting them showing Godzilla films. Yes, humorous commercials are great. Channels like Cozi and MeTV have been doing them for years. Keep the funny commercials promoting their films and shows coming.

Things they need to work on.

1-When they come back from a commercial and show their logo please say or have on the screen what movie this is. Several times I tune in the middle wanting to know what this is and they say nothing so I have to look online.

2-Keep the Godzilla films coming with hopefully more variety.

3-Change the nightly schedule every six months or even quarterly.

4-They show some brief interviews and behind the scenes items on Stargate or with Roger Corman in place of commercials to fill in between movies  that are shorter. I like that better than commercials, but lately they seem to be showing more commercials.


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

5 responses to “Comet TV-Almost one year later

  1. I hope my cable company picks up Comet TV. They have picked up Ant-TV which plays classic sitcoms and ME-TV which has a great superhero and sci-fi Sat night. They just added Land of the Giants to the Sat. night line up.

    • We have Antenna and Me as well. Unfortunately our ME sticks the news and Get Smart in before Svengoolie. That means Land of the giants isn’t on until 1:00 and I always fall asleep by then.

      • Yeah, Our Land of the Giants isn’t until one, but we don’t have the news. They play, Hulk, then Wonder Woman, then Star Trek, then Svengoolie. Also, I read that they are going to start Planet of the Apes series, but at 5:AM. Why 5:AM? And Lost in Space they moved to like 3:am but I watched the whole series through (all 3 seasons) so I guess that’s alright.

      • I saw that about POTA. I have it on DVD, but still was hoping it would be on at a decent hour. Lost in space used to be on before Star Trek, but it kept getting moved back.We’ve had Me for about five years. My biggest complaint is that MASH and Hogan’s Heroes (two shows I’m not big on) have been on prime hours the whole five years. They should move them off to give another show a shot for a while.

      • I’m not so big on those shows either, I used to watch them when I was younger but now they just don’t seem to do anything for me.

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