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The Screaming Skull


This dude gets remarried and brings wife #2 back to the estate where wife number #1 died from slipping and whacking her head near a small pond. Nothing creepy about that and if you are watching the film there really turns out not top be much that’s creepy about that. There’s a priest and an older woman who come by and are glad the dude has a new wife. The gardener (also the director) is slow, but was friends with wife #1. Wife #2 hears noises, walks around in under garments and hey isn’t this movie supposed to have something about a skull? Oh yeah she eventually sees on in a cabinet…or does she? Bumbumbum bum. Is she going bonkers? Is it a spirit? Do you care? Should you care? Why am I asking so may questions? Much like this film I guess that I am trying to stretch something out of nothing. The skull shows up more, the wife runs around more and screams a bit. We wonder is out of gourd or if we are for putting up with this film. The gardener/producer mutters around. The husband puts a skull on a stick and grins…whoa what the… hey that might be something let’s go back to that. Oh he’s evil and trying to drive his new wife crazy. The gardener tries to get the skull and gets smacked with some slaps that don’t match the sound effects. Then skull turns on the husband and starts screaming well it’s more of an annoying buzzing actually. The skull attacks him and appears to bite him?! He dies and all is well unless of course you were the now dead looney bar husband. Roll those credits.

The negatives-This film has a bad reputation and it’s deserved. It’s very talky and although there is a plot there just isn’t enough to keep that story going for most of the length of the film. It ultimately feels like a TV show length plot stretched into a film and the holes are glaringly visable. The acting isn’t bad although Peggy Webber’s bra may have given the strongest performance in the film.

The good-The black and white photography helps as does the location.



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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

One response to “The Screaming Skull

  1. The best part of this movie is the intro music that is later used in The Shining.

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