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Ten things I learned from the Monolith Monsters


1-A geologist in a small desert town can have a dull job until (see #2).

2-….a meteor crashes.

3-Picking up fragments from a meteor is okay unless a liquid spills on them.

4-People can be turned to stone by freaky mutating meteor fragments.

5-A reporter in a small desert has little to write about until (see#2).

6-Picking up fragments from a meteor and taking them isn’t so bad unless you submerge in water then watch out as all rocky heck breaks out.

7-Rocks can threaten to take out a whole town if they are space rocks that grow when they come in contact with water.

8-Combine water an old salt basin and boom you have a way to halt the monolith monsters.

9-If you don’t a real dam to bust then use a stock footage one.

10-Knowing something about geology can save the town if wild, dangerous rocks from space are involved.

This one seems to get a bit lost when 50’s sci-fi/monster films are discussed likely because rocks and not the typical monster. The film benefits from a solid cast, a sound story, fine locations and for then decent effects. I never saw this one until just a few years ago when it came out on the universal set of 50’s films. It’s a little slow, but be patient because overall it’s a good one.





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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

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