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Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2

super_g_vs-_super_mechag gvmg2_-_godzilla_vs-_super_mechagodzilla godzilla-vs-mechagodzilla-movie-poster-1020433270 godzilla-vs-mechagodzilla-ii-2


I could describe the plot of this one, but come on it’s a Godzilla film so we all know the plots are normally a mess and we just wait for the monster fights. The plot in this gets particularly bogged by the appearance of a baby Godzilla. Rodan and Big G fight then later Mecha G is powered up and he fights Big G. Baby G has an extra brain or something, I am assuming it used to belong to the writers of this film as they appear to have misplaced theirs while writing this script. Meanwhile Mecha G gets equipped with more weapons and is know know SupermechaGodzilla. I wonder if they had to pay more to do the film once he had the super added on? Anywho there’s more fighting, more destruction and unfortunately a little more of Baby G. Rodan gives a lifeforce/pixie dust/something or other to Big G allowing him to get up and finish off SupermechaGodzilla. Then Big G walks off into the water. Roll the credits.

Negatives-Baby G annoys the heck out of me and looks downright silly. The script is okay at best.

The positives-A fantastic amount of action helps this one greatly. Some people love King Ghidorah or Mothra, but if you read my blog much you may know I am a huge fan Mecha G so we get plenty of him of course and that’s enough for me. I love how he looks and his weapons here. I’ve never sat down and ranked all the Godzilla films and there are about three I have never seen, but for right now I think this one would definitely make my top ten.




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