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Gamera- Guardian of the universe



Gamera is back to battle these giants flying birds called Gyaos. Let’s face it the plot isn’t that important overall because most people are here for the giant monster battles. Forget about the silliness of earlier Gamera films. This one does borrow what Godzilla films that were done a few years before this and the makers of this film likely saw Jurassic Park a few times as well. What we get is a more serious effort than any previous Gamera film and perhaps more professional as well both in the effects, other visuals and even the acting and pacing.

Negatives-Takes a little while to get going.

Positives-Most everything else. The visuals are good for the time. They make good use of the scenery. I finally didn’t cringe when Gamera appeared like I did in many of his older films.

This was the first of three films for Gamera in the 1990’s and I enjoyed all of them. Gamera certainly isn’t Godzilla, but this film certainly showed a huge turnaround for the character and the series.

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