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Tales from the darkside-Monsters in my room


Timmy has a jackass for a stepdad. He treats Timmy (a young Seth Green) rough because he says there are monsters in his room when he tries to go to bed. Of course macho, beer guzzling stepdad doesn’t believe him and yells at him to act like a man. This being the show that it is means that there really are monsters in Timmy’s room terrorizing him. There’s a tentacle something or other under his bed, a giant buzzsaw, a greyish creep in the closet and more. Wow, his room wasn’t big to start with but now it’s really crammed with all those monsters in it. Timmy continues to insist there are monsters threatening him at sleepy time. Eventually gets the courage to confront them and rule his room. However stepdad runs into the beasties and is brutally mauled by them .. okay actually he just has a heart attack and no one believes Timmy that his stepdad was weak and couldn’t face the monster. We know better.

The negatives-Like a number of episodes of this show it’s rather predictable. Although in this case I’d say the story is strong that being predictable doesn’t hurt it overall.

The positives-When I was watching this show back in the 80’s it seems I saw this one several times. Although the story isn’t horribly creative they took a simple idea and made it work. The acting is what it should be and the monsters look cool for the limited budget. Of course we all had to like the mean stepdad getting his.


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

3 responses to “Tales from the darkside-Monsters in my room

  1. drhumpp

    I was young enough when this ran that predictability never bothered me. Now I mostly watch it for nostalgia. I still get a kick out of several episodes.

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