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Friday the 13th the series Hellowe’en


To show that their store Curious Goods isn’t evil anymore Jack, Ryan and Mickie have an open house/Halloween party for the neighborhood. The party includes Ryan amd a friend scaring Mickie, Jack flirting with women young enough to be his daughters and people in lame costumes. Ah what fun. A couple of goofs ignore a warning sign and venture down where the cursed antiques are and they manage to arouse a crystal ball. This rouses some spirits who cause the guests to flee the shop. Jack uncharacteristically gets lured away by a lost little girl who turns out to be a nasty dwarf. The spirit of Ryan and Mickie’s Uncle Lewis (the one who sold those darn cursed antiques in the first place) is released and comes to ask Ryan and Mickie for help…yeah, right. It’s a trap and the cousins fall for it. Lewis tries to finish his evil plans, but eventually Jack gets free, Micky and Ryan get free. The three end Louis’ evil plan and send him back to vanquished spirit city.

The negatives-This was an early one so Micky and Ryan are still quite naive about what they are doing. Jack being lured away so easily happened a bit too easily as Jack was frequently the backbone of this unit and that didn’t happen enough in this one. After the Halloween party disaster the episode gets a bit slow.

The positives-Hey, it’s a Halloween episode and there’s a brief Halloween party in it. R.G. Armstrong (Predator, Children of the corn) plays Uncle Lewis to the hilt.

Overall a decent episode from a very good show that got better as it went along.


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  1. The Greatest American Hero is up next.

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