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The Greatest American Hero-The Beast in the black



Ralph has a real estate agent friend who has tried to sell this old house with no success so it will be demolished. However his friend will let Ralph and his class take anything they want from the house to sell to possible get a new projector for the class. Yay boring educational films for all! Turns out there’s a spirit in the old house- a real nasty, spiteful one who shoves a wheelchair down the steps. Ralph get his class of 25 year old high school students to come and take stuff. Ralph also gets Bill to come at another time so Bill brings flashlights and Ralph brings his suit. Ralph sees things that Bill doesn’t because of the suit. He sees a female spirit trapped behind a brick wall although actually she’s in another realm (what the heck?). Ralph crosses over and gets the dickens scratched out of him by neon glowing beastie. He gets treated by a doctor (the inimitable Jeff McKay from Magnum P.I and Tales of the gold monkey). Bill and Ralph unwisely go back to the house to investigate more. Bill gets hit by a falling chandelier and apparently dies. However he comes back due to being possessed by the spirit of the mean, nasty woman. Ralph and possessed Bill have a go around which eventually leads to them crossing back into the other realm. Ralph’s suit has no powers there so he has to stand up to the neon beast by himself. This goes awful smooth compared to the previous encounter. The spirit leaves Bill and Bill and Ralph go back to their world leaving the spirit trapped in the other world -ew take that. Our heroes leave the house just as the wrecking crew shows up to demolish the place and thus trap the spirit for ever.

The negatives-The story isn’t the best as ghost stories go or as this show goes. This show works a lot better when they are taking on spies or thugs. Connie Sellaca’s character isn’t in this one and she is missed.

The positives-As always the two leads work well enough together even with a  sketchy story. Having Jeff McKay even in a small part was a huge plus.

The positives-As always


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