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This guy wants to be a doctor at an insane asylum. He must be cra… oh no wait he wants to help those kind of people. He was supposed to see a Doctor Starr, but it turns out his associate is now in charge be care Starr went whacko and attacked his associate. Now Starr is upstairs and this applicant told all he has to do is go upstairs, interview the patients and identify which one if Starr. If he gets it right then he gets the job. That sounds insa… like a fine idea. He goes upstairs and the orderly Max leads him to patients one at a time. The first patient tells about how her lover killed his wife, chopped her up and put her in the freezer. Then her parts came to get the two who conspire to kill her. In the second story a tailor tells of how he was desperate for cash to he took an odd job of making a suit out of a weird fabric and having to make it only at certain hours. Once he completed the job he was told A- he wasn’t getting paid, B- the suit was made to resurrect the guy’s son from the dead and C- f the tailor didn’t give up the suit he’d be shot. Tailor fights back and accidently kills the other guy so he takes the suit back with him puts it on his mannequin which promptly comes to life and attacks him. The Tailor was deemed nutbar and placed in the asylum. Next up a young women tell of how she was a looney house before and then came back home. She regularly mention a friends named Lucy, but her brothers tells her not mention that name. The Lucy shows up, causes trouble and the woman finds her brother dead and insists that Lucy did it. The woman point to her reflection in the mirror saying Lucy is there. The next guy seems pretty smart, but it turns out he makes this robot that loos like him. He then wills his soul into the little robot, sends it down stairs where it kills the doctor who was doing the interview. The young doctor who was interviewing for the job smashes the robot revealing guts and killing it’s human counterpart upstairs. The young doctor races up Max and tells him of the odd thing that just happened. He sees something in the back of Max’s office and goes over to it. He removes a sheet to reveal a corpse. He tries to flee, but is strangled by Max who reveals himself to be Dr. Starr. Dr. Starr later invites another applicant in for probably a not so nice visit. Roll those credits.

The negatives- The story about Lucy lacks the punch of the other stories.

The positives-The cast includes Patrick Magee, Herbert Lom, Peter Cushing, Barry Morse and more so yeah a very good cast that elevates some basic stories. The wrapping story is perhaps the best f the seven Amicus anthologies. I hadn’t seen this one for years and definitely liked it better now than I did say ten years ago.


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