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The Monster Club

1980 (although I have seen 1981)

This anthology starts with horror author (John Carradine) trying to help a sick man (Vincent Price). The author says he’ll help the man get food not knowing the guy is a vampire or he said he hadn’t had a bite in weeks so Price bites him because he’s a vampire. The vampire has only drank enough to feel better, but author is okay. The vampire invites the author to the Monster Club to repay him. There a bunch of cheap as crap monsters dance at a cheese ball nightclub. Way to repay him. The vampire tells tales of different kinds of monsters. I the Shadmonk the female of a couple of crooks pretends to like a pasty, rich dude in order to steal from him. Turns out the freak has the power to whistle and turn his target into a burnt mess. Despite kind of liking the weird dude the woman listens to her crooked boyfriend and tries to steal from the whistler. Of course it ends with her getting fried into a nasty thingie. Next up The vampires is a semi-comedic affair about some sloppy vampire killers trying to kill a kid’s vampire dad. The head vampire killer gets turned in a fanged type and gets staked in the weakest vampire staking ever done. The vampires dad guy faked out the other killers by using a stake proof vest and ketchup. On to the last story. This one has a movie director going to find a spooky village location or his latest horror flick. He finds a dandy, but unfortunately it’s inhabited by ghouls that feast on corpses but hey they’d like to chow on this director too even though he seems a bit tough and old. He finds a young girl who is a cross between a human and a ghoul thus a bit of an outcast. The purebred ghouls are after them because you know they like flesh. The director and the girl try to escape and well you know it doesn’t turn out well. The author and the vampire wrap up the film back at the monster club with a song and there is music in between all of these stories as well. Roll the credits.

The positives-Hey it’s a horror anthology somewhat in the style of the 60’s-70’s Amicus films. The cast includes Vincent Price, John Carradine, Stuart Whitman and Pleasence so that’s a plus.
The negatives- The music ranges from decent to annoying and it really dates the film. I would have gladly traded most of the music numbers for another story.

The wrap around story and the vampire story are both played for laughs and both are alright at best. The Shadmonk story is horror, but it’s slow yet it turns out to be decent. The ghoul story is the real gem of the bunch with good acting, solid scenery and a tight enough story. This film get an overall bad reputation for the music and the title. If you like British horror anthologies it’s worth checking out.


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