Gingerdead Man



Who’s in this and why would they want to be?

Gary Busey as Millard Findlemeyer a killer, not very nice at all kind of dude and soon to be soul or something of a nasty cookie. He has been in like everything and still going strong.

Robin Sydney as Sarah Leigh who works in a bakery and is soon to be a target for a demonic piece of baked dough. She seems to be in a bunch films well like this one.

There are other people who wander in and out of this film kind of like how customers wander in an out of a bakery like one in this film only there’s a baked good with murder in his sugar eyes trying to cut people down.


Ewwwww, doughy!

So some of Sarah’s relatives die at the hands of Findlemeyer and no it wasn’t because they made fun of his name. Sarah survives and lives with her pain kind of like viewers live with the pain this film inflicts on their senses. Findlemeyer eventually gets executed and we never hear from again…yeah right. He is cremated and his ashes are sent back disguised as gingerbread seasoning to the bakery where Sarah works. So she and a a co-worker unwittingly add the ashes into the gingerbread batch they are making. The co-worker gets cut and bleeds into the mix so they keep stirring it in. Now that’s scary. Eventually this way too big gingerbread glop gets baked into a golden brown killer! Where’s a vat of coffee when you need it for such situations? Anyways this evil from the oven chases Sarah and some other goofs around the bakery eventually killing some of them although not soon enough because they talk and talk and talk. Some snooty girl gets killed by our candy decorated demon, a goofy want to be bad boy tries to act tough, the bleeder from earlier shows up in wrestling gear and bites and eats part of the gingerbread man only to have his badness effect him from within and I mean more than heartburn. Blah, blah, blah the annoying youngsters triumph over the not so special effect driven title character, but you know he’ll be back again and again whether we like it or not.

The negatives-A semi-promising cheese fest is let down just not enough going on. It starts out some wackiness and likable crap, but after 40 or so minutes or maybe even earlier the cast is standing around the ideas seem more done than gingerbread dude himself.

The positives-Man, Gary Busey of course. Lame junk or not he helps, but the script doesn’t do him a lot of favors. I liked the cheap look of the film to an extent. You’d think baked goods going bad would have been more entertaining.

The Gingerdead Man 03