8o’s arcade games-Wizard of wor

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Oh, yeah. Who says all maze games have to be about cute little dot grabbing critters? This early 80’s game combined a maze and fantasy elements as well as being a shooter. You have a gun toting guy and try to kill monsters that get faster with each level and some can even turn invisible. It can be played asĀ  one or two player game. If you play as one player the other worrior guy still goes after the monsters as well. It works a lot better when you can play it with a friend because those monsters get fast when they are in there for a long time and it’s to get them when you got three coming it you changing visibility as they go along. I used to play this with a friend at our favorite arcade back around 82-83. The wizard taunts you in his electronic voice as you go along. Today the graphics look very basic and the sound effects are just okay, but it’s still fun and a real challenge. The speed of the game , the open areas and the amount of monsters makes this a tough game. It’s also showed up on collection for newer systems in recent years. I would have loved to have seen a B film adaption of this game as a sort of space age sorcery type blend.


80’s video games-Track and field




This game first popped at the bowling alley in early 1984. Other than a few auto racing games sports games weren’t common in 83-84. The home systems had a few, but they were often clunky with pixelated figures. This track and field game had characters that sort of looked like people-cartoon people with big mustaches but yeah people. Hey there’s no joystick on this game. You mean I have to smack the buttons to make my dude run well so be it. This game was tough, now was it tough because it was actually challenging or tough because it was awkward due to the controls you have to use? Maybe some of both because it does require timing to run and then jump on the long jump or hurdles. I totally stunk at this back in the day and now I’m just a hair above stinking. Even back then I only ever saw one kid who was much good at it. I remember his hands going like crazy trying to get his athlete going through the events. Obviously it was created to catch in on interest in the then upcoming 1984 Summer Olympics in LA that got less interesting when the USSR protested and didn’t show up. Even though I struggled at the game I kept feeding quarters into it. I think the graphics and the echoing arena type sound effects were a large part of the draw. It got released on home systems back then and in recent years so it certainly made a mark on others as well.