Christmas specials week: Santa Claus is comin’ to town

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So this human baby is raised by elves who make toys. Then he goes off to the big city to meet his real dad and have sugar driven hilarious adventures. Oh, wait I thought this was Elf when I got to that second line. Go back to that first line and let’s go from there. A young guy is raised by toy making elves and he wants to go to this town to give  away toys. Along the ways he runs into a mean winter warlock who turns into a not so bad dude when given a toy. He’s not the main meanie here anyhow. A fat sour face named Meisterburger Burgermeister rules over a town and does not allow toys. Well that puts and end to that. Okay not so fast because this  Kringle fellow who will one day be Santa pushes the limits to get toys to the kids. In doing so he sets up a lot of things that will one day be Christmas traditions for all of us to follow. He also meets the woman who will one day be his wife and he likes even after she sings this out of place hippie dippy song. Kris (Santa) gets nabbed, but his friends help him and eventually toys and goodwill win out and Mushroom Burger I mean Meisterburger Burgermeister fades away. Santa, Mrs. Claus and the rest build a workshop at the North Pole and it all falls into place. So now we are all the wiser and made aware of every piece fell into place or something like that.

Not quite as classic as Rudolph and for me not as amusing as Year without a Santa Claus, but definitely a good one. The characters are good as are the voices. I really like the Winter Warlock quite a bit. We watch this one every year and for this season we watched it last week.

Christmas special week: He-man & She-ra – A Christmas special



Nothing says Christmas like squeaky voiced royals turning into fantasy heroes and helping a couple of kids around Christmas time. Okay, not your typical Christmas special. He-Man and She-ra try to help a couple of kids get back home while fighting against the Hordac, Skeletor and other baddies who can’t seem to do much of anything right. Orko tries his best to mess everything up by accident and provide comedy relief for all wahahahaha … oh wait he’s not that funny. Of course all the good characters work together as they try to battle evil and learn about this strange thing called Christmas from two human children. She-ra gets some help from a mermaid at some point, what a helpful fishy. Hordac and Skeletor can’t work together. So they are actually competing against each other to see who can nab those human children as they are both trying to win the favor of their boss Horde Prime. Ah a battle between two villains who constantly fail and can’t even to stand upright for long-what an event. He-man and She-ra toss aside some giant yet incompetent robots that look like leftovers from some cartoon made oh about two decades before this one. Skeletor gets the kids and goes to take them to his boss. The kids and an alien puppy begin to melt Skeletor’s heart or whatever it is that lurks beneath his blue and purple suit. Aw, it’s like the Grinch only with a skull face. Hordac shows up and he has no soft spot except for the one between his ears. He knocks Skeletor down and slows He-man and She-ra down enough for Horde Prime to show up and grab the kids in a meanie spaceship. Skeletor wakes up and blasts the ship enough for the kids to get to safety. What? A baddie being nice for once? What’s up with this Christmas thing? Skeletor doesn’t know either. The kids get to go to a party where Adam/He-man pretends to be Santa *spoiler alert* …oh wait I think I got those backwards. Anyways the kids are given gifts of these belts that make them fly and they go home and freak out their parents with them. Meanwhile Adam/He-man, Adora/She-ra and their friends quickly adapt to this Christmas thing. Roll the credits.


I never watched this when it was first on because I was little old for as I was like 12-13 when it started. My son started watching it a couple of years when he was 5 so I get to see it now. It’s hard to take in some ways, the voices can rip your nerves apart and the action is nothing great. However it is fantasy of some sort so it has that going for it and I always like how Skeletor looked. I got this DVD for $1.50 at Big Lots so I guess it was worth that.