Dr. Smith’s Insult of the week


Spare me the inane innuendoes, I may be having some trouble at present yet there is always time to pass on an insult. This week’s insult is Sorry Specimen of Computerhood. So if you have a computer or computerized being that deserves this then please use it on them. Good day to you sir or madam.

Dr. Smith’s Insult of the week


Oh, dear it is almost Halloween. Not that such things frighten or concern me you see it’s just…uh too much silliness for my liking. However I shall go along with the spirit of the holiday for a moment. Therefore this week’s insult is Ferrous Frankenstein. Feel free to use it amidst your trick or treating, bobbing for apples and such activities.

Dr. Smith’s insult of the week


No, dear reader your eyes do not deceive you for that is indeed a giant carrot. However it er he er this has given me inspiration for this week’s insult. Not everyone has the iron will and fortitude of Dr. Zachary Smith. So this week’s insult will allow you to call out those who are below my standards so the insult is Wobbling Weakling. Use it as you please. Good day to you.

Dr. Smith’s Insult of the week

Lost in Space Dr_ Smith and Major West

Spare me your obtuse opinions, Major West. I am sure those reading are anxiously awaiting on me expand their education on the craft of insulting. So I shall make you wait no further, dear people. This week’s insult is Lame-brained Lump. A rather basic, but effective insult. So do not waste such knowledge, make sure that you use it as needed this week. So long to you for now my loyal readers.

Dr. Smith’s Insult of the week


Spare me the youthful enthusiasm as I will certainly deliver unto you another wonderful insult for you to utilize. Dear girl or boy this week’s insult is Ridiculous Roustabout. This is not just a simple name that ones calls out on a playground to just anyone. No, this is a special insult that you must hold onto until just the perfect moment before unleashing it. You are quite welcome.