Peep Show

My kids had been asking to go to the local Peep show for a few years and somehow we just never got around to it. Local people build sculptures or do artwork out of or about marshmallow Peeps. To get into the show is free at the local Arts Council, but you can buy chips to vote for piece for a dollar and you can buy Peeps snacks and other Peeps items as well. I told my wife she should take the kids in the middle of the week, but she wanted to wait until I was off and could go to. That was Good Friday and I told her I thought it would be mobbed that day and she said “oh people will have other things to do”. Well it was mobbed, the line was out the door around the corner and back to the end of the building. My wife mentioned coming back on Saturday and I said no we are let’s stick it out. It was about a 20-25 minute wait to get in and I think the staff (mostly volunteers) were a bit overwhelmed, but the displays were pretty cool. One large room downstairs and several rooms upstairs.


Curous George-My daughter’s favorite because she loves monkeys.


Edgar Peepin’ Poe-My wife liked this one.



My daughter the bunny.


MandM’s made out of Peeps.

I post more pictures tomorrow if I get a chance.


Critters 2-The main course



The most 80’s looking intergalatic  bounty hunters ever!


Here’s a turkey for you to feast on. This film does take place around a holiday, but it’s Easter rather than Thanksgiving. I know that if I found weird looking eggs that I would color them and try to pass them as Easter eggs. Actually no I wouldn’t, but some silly small town types do just that in this film. They might call it a plot device, but I would refer to it as stupid. Meanwhile out in space the bounty hunters from the first film along with former town drunk Charlie are told that there are more Crites (those nasty Critters) left on Earth. So they make a U-turn and head their space craft back to our little ole planet. The new Sheriff dresses as an Easter Bunny, but is attacked by the recently hatched Crites. He gets his man parts bitten and goes crashing through the window of the Church during Easter Sunday services. Yeah that won’t have a lasting impression on any small children in attendance. The kid that survived the first Crites attack tries to convince everyone else what is going on. They don’t believe him. The bounty hunters show up with one of them changing into a nudie woman and later a nerdy guy and eventually gets killed. That last part might have needed a spoiler alert, but most of you probably gave up watching the film and caring before that point. Eventually the town and the bounty hunters unite to fight these second rate Gremlins. Their plan to lure the Crites into the diner with burgers and blow them up fails as the Crites roll away from the flaming explosion as a big ball of chomping death, however it did likely make the air smell like a big cookout. Then Charlie devices a brilliant well though out solution – that’s right he crashes his ship into the Critter ball and kills them kablooie! Charlie however survives whether we like it or not. The other  alien is picked up by another ship or maybe it’s a space taxi and he’ll have a big bill when he gets back to his planet. The main characters talk some more yack, yack, yack and the main teens kiss-smoooooooooch. This film lost money so it’s a good thing as now they won’t make a sequel unless they discover the straight to video market-oh crap I think they went that route. Roll the credits.


I paid money to see puppet eating salad?

The negatives-The first film was like an update of a 50’s alien invasion film and this one tries to capture that feel as well, but this one feels far more forced. Despite having more action the second half of the film is hard to make it through. It’s hard to root for characters when they are not all that likable.

The positives-It gives you a horror film to watch for at Easter. I think they’d tried to catch the feel of the previous film and at times they do, but at times it just feels like not enough is going on.

I saw this when it first came out in 1988 and I kind of liked it then, but now I just think it falls short.

Critters 2 1

There’s goes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny meet his doom.

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Cottontaillogo 4324138_l2


So here we have an Easter special where the title hero is voiced by the same guy that voices a legendary monster hunter (Casey Kasem -Norville Shaggy Rogers) and the villain one January Irontail is voiced by a legendary horror film actor (Vincent Price). Toss in some treachery, a giant bat, a time travel device, a witch plus more and this show definitely deserves mentioning on my blog.

So the old Easter bunny needs a replacement because yeah he’s old. Peter Cottontail is energetic and popular, but also cocky and not always responsible. Oh and when he lies his ear droops. He gets selected to be Easter bunny, but a sour nasty bunny named January Irontail challenges Peter to a contest and whoever gives away the most eggs gets to be Easter bunny. Irontail sabotages Peter’s clock and Peter sleeps through the day-what a lump. Irontail gives away one egg but that’s enough for the win. Now he will wreck Easter for everyone and it’s all Peter’s fault! Wait the caterpillar/pilot Pierre can pilot this machine to go back in the calendar. So if Peter can go back and give away more than one egg he will win. So much like half the Star Trek movies it’s time travel to the rescue. Like any good villain Irontail is going to see this one through and he follows Peter to try and stop this effort to pull out a win. Peter and Pierre go to Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving but no one wants Easter eggs then because it’s not Easter, you lunkhead. He tries giving the eggs the red, white and blue while passing them off as fireworks to give them to two kids on July 4th, but no go-here’s your crappy eggs back, liar! Peter saves Bonnie Bonnet at Christmas time and almost gives the eggs away at that time, but Irontail stops him. Although a certain iconic Christmas dude also keeps Irontail from running off with the eggs for good. Irontail calls in a favor with his Halloween friends to go after Peter, but our good bunny almost sways them but time runs out on his stay there before he can give eggs away. At Valentine’s it looks like Peter can give the red and pink eggs away – hey wouldn’t these eggs be getting kind of rotten after all of this time? Oh, well anyways Peter can’t give them away at Valentines because Irontail turns them all green. Oh, shoot now it’s all over there isn’t any sort of lame holiday where people like green. Oh, wait a minute there is so at St. Patty’s day Peter gives away the eggs-he shoots, he scores! Peter becomes the new Easter Bunny and he’s a good one! Pierre becomes a butterfly! Bonnie gets taken for Easter by someone that wants her! The old Easter bunny is proud of Peter! Irontail ends up having to clean up after everybody in town-that’s what you get, skunkface! All is well.

A real classic from Rankin  and Bass. It tends to get overlooked in favor of all the Christmas specials from the same company. They used to show this one when I was a kid. It’s very good, the plot, the voices and the way it looks are all great. My favorite part is all the different holidays that get included. We watch it every year around this time and sometimes even more than once like this year.


Happy Easter!






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