Upcoming junk and stuff

Hope you enjoyed Silly space week. I’m hoping to knock four theme weeks over the course of May. The schedule for those weeks is something like this.

TV pilot week-Tales of Frankenstein, Lost in space, Star Trek

Godzilla week-3 movies but not sure which ones yet

Space spoof week-Spaceballs, Galaxy Quest, Galaxina

80’s horror movie week-right now I’m thinking Halloween 2, Evil Dead 2, Silver Bullet and My bloody valentine

I think that’s the order I’ll follow.

Today of course was free comic book day. I’ve gone to it the last several years with me and some of those years we met up with a freind of mine and his son. We went to cool comic store on the other end of the county that always storm troopers and other activities going on. Sadly this store closed it’s doors at the end of 2013. I asked my friend if he wanted to meet up at one of the other close by stores, but they don’t do much except sales and free comics. My friend offered to drive us to a huge comic store quite a ways away but they were having other activities going on. I agreed and there were a ton of people there and the lines were very long. However they had storm troopers, a radio controlled R2-D2, several guys dressed as Spider-man and other superheroes they hired all as part of the entertainment to making waiting in line not so bad. Plus they had plenty of free comics despite the hundreds of people that came and the sales were cool as well. I hadn’t gotten to talk to friend much in months and was glad to get the time to catch up. We talked about our familes but also of course comics, the upcoming Godzilla movie, Svengoolie, the fact that Batman 1966 is coming to DVD, next year’s Star Wars movie, JP4 and other things. The store also had a lot of Dr. Who stuff for people to get their pictures taken with. As I mentioned here before I have avoided ever watching a single episode of that show but the items they had on display and the excitement the fans there showed over them made me almost want to watch it at some point. Tomorrow is of course May 4 which is of course Star Wars day. There are two libraries in my county that have Sunday hours, but not the one I work but anyways one of them is having a Star Wars program tomorrow and I’ll likely take my son to that. They are hoping to have some storm troopers there, other activities and they also borrowed some games I made for a Star Wars program I did last summer. So we are looking forward to that as well. I’ll quit flapping my gums for now.

Have a great week!


This Spider-man could do some cool back flips and he complimented my son on his shirt.


Waiting in line. My friend and his son on the left and my son and I on the right.