A few more Halloween episodes-One hour edition

Let Halloween leftovers week begin. All the Halloween episodes I reviewed last week were half hour episodes. So here are three Halloween episodes of one hours shows that I like a lot. To squeeze three into one post I am doing abbreviated reviews or it might be because I am lazy.


Freaks and Geeks-Tricks and treats 1999

Sam talks his friends into trick or treating even though they are in high school. It doesn’t work out so well. Lindsey spends Halloween with the cool kids and that  doesn’t turn out so well either. One of the best episodes of the series although the ending is a bit of a downer as it’s about growing up and not being a kid anymore.


Monk-Mr. Monk goes home- 2005

Monk goes to visit his brother on Halloween and gets thrown into an unexpected case involving a candy bar thief and a murder. A more personal episode for Adrian and it’s one of the more interesting and funny episodes of it’s season.


Friday the 13th the series-Hellowe’en 1987

So the cousins and Jack decide to have a Halloween party at the shop to convince locals that it’s not just a creepy old place. Unfortunately some boneheads go snooping around and set off a cursed crystal ball which causes all kinds of problems for our trio and now the locals really think this place is bonkers. Crazy old mean Uncle Lewis comes back to cause trouble, but eventually he gets dealt with.

***Are there any one hour Halloween episodes that you like?

The Addams Family-Halloween Addams style



Yvonne Peattie as Penelope who is dressed as a witch for a scavenger hunt but gets mistaken for being a real witch Aunt Singe. She only 30 some credits but it was stretched across 40 years.

Don Mcart as crazy Cousin Cackle. He had a handful credits, but this it the one I know him best for. A small role and he looks to be dubbed, but it’s memorable.


What’s this about?
It’s the greatest holiday of all and the Addams Family are excited. Gomez carves a pumpkin with Fester as a model. Then Gomez and Fester bob for apples only in their version they each get on the end of a giant seesaw and go up and down face first trying to get an apple first. That’s freakin’ bonkers. The holiday festivities are disrupted because Wednesday is upset because a neighbor said there are no such things as witches. The horror, the horror. Wednesday begins to worry because she has never actually met a witch-oh the poor deprived child. The rest of the family put out an ad in the paper seeking a witch no takers. Oh, drat I thought that would get some crackpots responses for sure. Grandmama holds a false séance to contact family relative and witch Aunt Singe, but really Lurch provides the voice and promises to visit Wednesday. A normal but grumpy woman dressed as a witch named Penelope is on a Halloween party scavenger hunt. She splits from her husband to go to the Addams place to look for her share of the items for the scavenger hunt. Boy are you in for it lady. The family mistakes her for Aunt Singe and treats like royalty you know only in a kooky way. She eventually gets freaked out by all the weirdness in the house and jumps out the window with a broom in her hand. Wednesday and the others are impressed and satisfied as they think it was a broom flying launching rather than a terrified person. Oh, well roll the credits.


The negatives-Nope, it’s classic Addams family. The only thing might be that Pugsley isn’t in it although he is mentioned early on.

The positives-All the regulars get a fair amount to do. Wednesday in particular is in fine form. The bobbing for apples see saw is classic. The guests were solid too. The plot fit in with the show as well. A must see for fans of the show and classic tv.


Bewitched-Trick or treat



Jack Collins as client Jack Rogers. A fairly busy character actor who was in several Bewitched episodes plsu Dallas, The Rockford Files and more.

Maureen McCormick as the young version of Endora. You know her as Marcia Brady of course. She also had a small role in an earlier episode of Bewitched.

Really hardcore classic tv fans may recognize the magician trick or treater as David Bailey who played Opie’s friend Trey in a few episodes of the Andy Griffith show.


Endora tries to talk Samantha into going into hiding because it’s Halloween and you know how those mortals trivialize witches around Halloween. Samantha refuses because she needs to stay because Darren is having an impotant client over-wait aren’t they all important? Anyways Larry (the boss from hell) sends Samantha and Darren a box of typical Halloween decorations to put up. Endora really gets her dander up over this. Shortly before the dinner Endora turns herself into a trick or treater and casts a spell on Darren. You know w-e-r oh not that kind of spell but the witchy kind. The client and Larry arrive and Darren gets all hairy and learn that the spell has turned him into a werewolf-oh cool. He tries shaving the fuzz but it comes back even faster-oh isn’t that always the way. The young version of Endora struggles to remember how to reverse the spell- f-l-o not that kind of spell again not even in reverse. Larry and the client finally see Darren as a werewolf but he and Samantha explain it away as it being a new costume. Oh that makes sense well no not really. Eventually they Darren reversed and everything works as it always does even in the hi-jinks of being married to a witch. Roll the credits.

The negatives-It’s Dick York era Bewitched so no complaints.

The positives-A show about a witch frequently had monster type topics, but this is a really good one. A werewolf, spells, trick or treaters in 60’s style costumes and more.


Happy Days-Haunted



Linda Purl as Gloria, Richie’s girlfriend. Purl would come back as a different character and be Fonzie’s love interest much later in the series.

Beatrice Colen as Marsha the waitress. Colen played this role in a handful of episodes during the first three seasons of the show. You may also recognize her as a regular from the first season of Wonder Woman.

Neil Schwartz as Bag a jerk and member of the Demons. He had a handful of roles but this is probably the one he is most known for as he played Bag in nine episodes of Happy Days.


Richie, Ralph and Potsie are planning their annual Halloween party. However they don’t want the goofy gang the Demons to crash their shindig so they need to have it at a different location. Ralph decides on an old abandoned house that everyone thinks is haunted-the Simpson house which is supposed to be haunted by Magnolia Simpson. Richie gets picked to check it out oh, dear what a horrid job. He stops at the house with Joanie who is already and then Richie gets scared of something and races out all wide eyed. Later he tells his dad he thought he saw a headless person in the closet and his dad tells him no way, Jose or something like that. He tries to forget the horror of such an image but it still bothers him oh the poor boy, but hey cheer up it’s hallowfreakinween! Richie lies to Ralph and Potsie and says the house is okay. He and Gloria go there for the party and everyone is having a good time. Then Richie has to go to the closet and see the headless body but it’s just a dummy in a rocking chair oh I knew it wasn’t a real ghost. Oh, everything is just fine and they can get back to their wild party of dancing around and eating lunch meat with no bread. Wait another headless body comes down the stairs and everyone is ready to pee in their costumes except Richie who steps forward and exposes the headless thing as Demon member Bag who has been a real rear end through the whole episode. Richie dumps soda on Bag’s head and now Halloween is okay. Roll the credits.

The negatives-Not a whole lot although just to be a little nit picky at the party the hose seems a little bigger and in far better shape than when Richie first saw it.

The positives- Happy Days was at it’s best during this time in my opinion when it was about Richie and Fonzie was still a supporting character. I remember seeing this episode when I was really young and it kind of scared me then so it stuck with me as one of the most memorable episodes of the show and it’s a pretty good one. I also enjoy their costumes and all of the Halloween decorations.


Halloween/scary episode meaningless trivia of sorts-
Ronnie Howard enters a haunted house in two different shows with this one and when he was much younger as Opie in the Andy Griffith Show.
Beatrice Colen plays the reoccurring role of waitress Marcia in this episode. Cohen also had a small part in the CHiPs Halloween episode a few years later and she was in a Halloween episode of Night Court in the mid-80’s. Which gives her a total of being in Halloween episodes in three different shows. Can any other actor or actress beat or even tie that?


The appeal of Halloween episodes


If you are a fan of the holiday then it’s not like this really needs to be explained too much, but I’ll just throw it out there. There’s not as many Halloween episodes of shows as there are Christmas episodes, but there are far more Halloweens episodes than there are any other holiday episodes. Some times it was shows where it wasn’t a stretch like Bewitched or the Addams family who were already horror/monster themed so tossing in the holiday that celebrated it wasn’t much of a stretch. Other shows would set their episode at Halloween and include a party, trick or treating and decorations. Halloween is my favorite holiday and always has been so when a show I liked had a Halloween episodes I was always excited. Even now I love to go back watch Halloween episodes of older shows. In some ways it’s even cooler now because the decorations and costumes now represent different periods and it’s cool to see those in these shows as well. Frequently it was comedies that took on the holiday but on occasion action shows would bring in October 31st as well.

***So do you have any favorite Halloween episodes?

****In case you are wondering why I have a picture of CHiPs but I’m not reviewing it this week just know that I am saving it for review when I do an Erik Estrada week (no, really I am) likely some time before the end of 2013.

Halloween episode week schedule and other


So this coming week will be Halloween episode week where between Sunday and Thursday I will attempt to review five Halloween episodes. Right now I’m thinking the five shows will be Happy Days, Tales from the darkside, Bewitched, The Addams Family and Home Improvement. I ran out of time for watching Bubba Ho Tep this week so I will bump that over until the first week of November which will be Halloween Leftovers week at my blog.