Halloween memories-with the kids


My oldest was born in 2004 and by youngest was born two years later. So every year we’ve tried to do several things with them around Halloween whether it’s trick or treating, carving jack o lanterns or whatever. Since my oldest is 9 now she’s not as much into as she once was, but we still try to make it fun and hopefully they will have good memories of their childhood Halloweens. Here are two picks from previous Halloweens.


Halloween memories 1976


In first grade back in the 1970’s they still allowed kids to have Halloween celebration in school. Oh, the horror of permitting the praise of a pagan holiday during the school day. Anyways in 1st and 2nd grade my school had a costume parade. Everyone got in the costumes they brought to school and one class at a time paraded around in the gym for everyone else to see. I don’t recall if there was any costume judging or not. Okay it 1st grade and back then the Halloween costumes at the store were these plastic masks with a rubber band to go around the back of your head and these weird looking costumes with wild often so greatly drawn designs on the shirts. I’m sure I asked my parents for some kind of super hero costume from the store, but my parents trying to save where could so I knew than a new Halloween costume was not coming my way. We went to the mission store (a thrift store we had around back then) and found a Lancelot Link costume that fit and was in good shape. I’m pretty sure it looked just like the one pictured above. Those now familiar with the show it was a talking monkey secret agent type thing. It had been off the air for years at that time however a local UHF channel played it reruns after school. So even though almost everyone else had current character costumes there were a few kids who complemented on being the only one to have this costume. Of course they didn’t know that my parents were being cheap as possible. Oh, well I still remember this Halloween very well.