Halloween is coming!


I guess that depends on how excited you are about the holiday. Some stick in the muds may say oh it’s
almost two months away. The calender may agree with them, but fans of the holiday know that it isn’t that far off. However truth be told I am behind in my pre-holiday set-up to an extent. I did get some decorations out before September 1st, but that’s a little late for me. Some decorations are up and I have already put in to be off from work on Halloween and I have not worked on October 31 in like 8 years. Soon I’ll be looking to see what Halloween related activities I can take the kids too and we need to decide on costume choices as well. Of course I’ll be lining up horror and monster films to watch during the month of October as well.

Has anyone else began thinking about the holiday?

Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all sci-fi, horror, barbarian and regular dads as well. I’ll go and see my Dad today for sure. My kids and wife got me seasons 3 and 4 of Magnum PI, a Green Lantern shirt and a Superman Father’s Day card so that was pretty cool. Plus I got to seeĀ  Man of steel yesterday and thenĀ last night Svengoolie was back with his first new show in a long time as he showed “King Kong Escapes”. I hope to review another Star trek cartoon today so stop by later if you have time.