Getting started

What in the world is this blog? A bunch of baboons talking about nonsense? Well, perhaps, but hopefully it will be a little more than that. Right now we are just figuring out the look of this blog which will change over the next week as we get started. I am also fairly sure that the only people reading this right now are the people that will be writing this blog. First let’s talk about what we will do then in a day we will tell you a little about ourselves. We will be writing about sci-fi, fantasy and horror films mainly although it is possible that an occasional straight action movie or martial arts film may slip in as well. Likely they will mostly be movies that were done between the 1950 and 1990’s, but we may on occasion review a newer film or an older classic. We may also tough on some tv shows as well. We will probably cover filmsĀ  we like, films that are so bad they are good and films that art in the middle of those two. Above all else we want to be honest in reviews. We don’t believe all these are perfect nor do we believe they are junk either. In addition to reviews we may throw out some posts on personal memories about these movies and shows plus we may post on related memorabilia as well. We are likely doing this more for ourselves than for anyone else. We welcome any and all comments and will approve any comments as long as they are not spam or do not contain links to anything objectionable. So drop by and take a look.