Nimoy and Spock


We’ve all heard the stories of Nimoy butting heads with directors and others in Star Trek over Spock’s character and what he would and wouldn’t say. I think that played into Nimoy wanted to bond with this role and really make it consistent with how it began. Spock always had the push to stick to logic and stay in control of his human half. There were times when the emotions came through. We liked Spock because we can identify with the struggles of trying to be better, but having to learn as a person and adjust as needed. I think Nimoy brought those touches to the role. For me Spock was the one character on the original series who likely grew the most over the course of the three seasons and we began understand more about him as the show went on. Early in the series we see Spock as more of just the outsider, but his relationship with Kirk and even McCoy grows as the first season rolls along. Spock was often different is his approach to problems and his cool and logical manner, but when McCoy would call him out on it or ride him over it he would just shut them down with logic or shrug it off and move on. That last part is probably definite part of why so many fans identified with him. It was okay to be different even if others didn’t always approve. Nimoy wrote “I am not Spock” in the 70’s talking about wanting a career beyond Trek. We understood that, but Trek fans loved him. That book was before the films so those brought Trek back. When Spock died in the Wrath of Khan fans were upset. We loved Spock and Nimoy gave a fantastic performance in that film, we weren’t ready for life without Spock. Fortunately he came back and Nimoy directed the next two films. The movies were hit and miss but again in Spock we saw him working out his two sides becoming a bit more comfortable with his position in Starfleet and relationships with the others. Gene Roddenberry pushed early on to keep Spock around when they went into the second pilot and thank goodness he did. While Leonard Nimoy struggled with being Spock and how he thought Spock should be portrayed, his legacy as that character has affected fans for decades and will continue to impress us as we re-watch his work. Mr. Nimoy will be greatly missed, but fondly remembered for what he brought to this role and how much he impacted not just the Trek universe, but how we approach our lives and how we deal with others.