Ten things I learned from Mars needs women

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1-Martians apparently like to wear wet suits with hoods that have plastic lids and radio antennae on them when they are in space.

2-They are perfectly content to wear earth guy suits while on earth.

3-Martians are not very active when they try to abduct earth girls so they need lots of stock footage to make a film about them longer.

4-Being the captain of the martians must be a horrid job because the main martian looks mad and depressed during his mission.

5-Some martians abduct art students while others abduct strippers. Guess they have differences in their taste in woman.

6-Martians may come from space but they are not so fond of being in space or at least this film shows very little of them in space.

7- One martian liked Batgirl, but not enough to freeze her and take her back with him.

8-Even when martians argue it’s still dull.

9-When a martian goes to a football game it looks all fuzzy like it’s stock footage, oh wait I think it was.

10-Apparently Mars needs acting lessons too or at least these guys do.







Devil girl from Mars



Who’s in this?

Hazel Court plays a model here. She was a model and then was in films such as the classic Curse of Frankenstein, Dr. Blood’s Coffin, The man who could cheat death, The Raven and more. She sadly died in 2008.

Patricia Laffan as Nyah (Devil Girl) from Mars. She spent about two decades in film and tv. Perhaps most known for Quo Vadis.

Adrienne Corri plays Doris the barmaid. Likely most known for being the victim in the rape scene in Clockwork Orange. She did quite a bit of tv and films, but her last credit is listed as being over 20 years ago.

Hugh McDermott as Michael Carter a smug poop eating reporter with a face you want to punch. Scottish born actor who spent four decades in various films and shows. Was still acting when he passed awat at the age of 65 in 1972.


Excuse me but I traveled here from Mars and appear to have forgotten my pants.

What’s this about?

This girl works at this quiet little tavern/Inn and then her misunderstood boyfriend shows up although everyone else thinks he’s a no good  bum. She tries to keep his secret that he is running from the law. This old scientist and the most annoying male reporter ever looking for a metorite crash site or a drink or both. The goofhead reporter starts flirting with a model staying there blah, blah, blah I’m a reporter and a lunk head blah, blah, blah. Oh, wait a minute isn’t there supposed to be a devil girl you know from Mars in this movie? I hear all the best devil girls from there. Finally something that looks like a glowing bumpy doorknob comes to land. Well, I’ll be a flyin’ saucer oh, hold on this is England so I say good chap that looks like one of those floating items that we put under our teacups. Out of the spaceship thinamabob comes an alien dressed in a leather outfit complete with mini-skirt and cap plus she has a cape, So obvious she is way cooler than anyone at the inn. To make what can seem like a long movie short Mars needs dudes to repopulate the planet. So the younger guys here have the chance to go be with a bunch of alien woman likely also all in leather mini-skirts so they say-no. What? Oh, my we are appaled by such and offer and turn up our noses at it. Oh, well the devil girl shows off her laser gun and her robot buddy who looks like an old toaster or an old coffe maker or something else old. Eventually the people in the house find out about the innkeeper’s daughter being an escaped convict so they tie him up. Yet eventually he gets free and agrees to go to Mars to repopulate the planet. It’s a ll trick and he blows up the ship and himself plus the devil girl in the leather mini skirt and her bit old lunky robot ooops I mean her rather large mechanical contraption, old sot.

The negatives-The first 20 minutes or so are very slow. This is based on a play and you can tell. It’s feels stiff at times. Hugh McDermott annoyed the beejeezus out of me.

The positives-The basic story is crazy enough to be interesting. Glad they went with black and white it likely helped not just the effects but the landscape as well. Love the scene where Patricia Laffen is slowly making her way over the hill towards the inn. Patricia Laffen tries hard with a part that easily could have been a serious disaster.

Overall a likable enough although odd little film.


Oh look a giant old style remote control.