Mecha G’s Monster of the month


“Feel my wrath, know my anger, be devastated by my….” Oh, hey there. It’s me Mecha G and it’s time for the monster of the month and it is….


Godzilla the so-called King of monsters. He has been around for decades both destroying cities (yay) and helping people (boo). His appearance and his powers have changed over the years. Let’s look at some of his battles.


Here he is cheating like a dirty skunk.


Here he is about ready to get his bumpy tail kicked by a superior adversary.

He does have some good points, his body shape is fantastic for flattening cities although he would be cooler if he were made of metal and shot missiles out of his fingers. Whoops, have to get back to my work at hand. “Run while you can you pathetic humans but I will wipe you out!”

*The views expressed by Mecha G are not always those expressed by us pathetic humans.

Mecha G’s Monster of the month-Evil Ash



“Fear my way, humans! You death comes today, I’ll rip your….” Howdy there! It’s me Mecha G here to share the monster of the month. This month it is an evil version of another character that being Ash. They say evil like it’s a bad thing. Actually he was created from the original Ash, but this “monster” chose the better path IMOMO (In my own monstrous opinion-in case you didn’t know). He was bettter looking than the original, wittier and he got to lead and Army of darkness. What more could you ask? Okay, it would have been nice if he had won, but you can’t always have everything. Have to get back to my full time job. “Rarrrrrrrrrr, I’m going to wipe out this city in seconds, rarrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!








Mecha G’s monster of the month-Kraken


“Here comes tons of angry, super-charged metal machinery and weapons ready to smash and burn humanity to a burnt powder, fear me and..” Oh, hi there. It’s me Mecha G and it’s time again for me to share my monster of the month. It’s the Kraken from Clash of the titans. A sea creature of great size and the power to destroy cities that deserve. Let’s face it, from a monster perspective they all have it coming. Unfortunately the Kraken was defeated by a hero and the severed head from another monster. What a dirty trick. Anyways there you go. Now back to my task at hand. Say your prayers, people because your time is up! Grrrrrrrroorrrrr!!!!”



Mecha-G’s monster of the month

mgpz jpp The_Plague_of_the_Zombies_01

“Make way because I’m going to vaporize every living soul, I’ll…” Oh, hey how’s it going? It’s me Mecha-G here to deliver my monster of the month for January. This month it’s some zombies for the 1966 Hammer films presentation The plague of the zombies. Now these are old school pre-Romero zombies. So they dead people who have brought back to life to be mindless slaves. They are a little slow but still creepy enough in this situation. Unfortunately they and their masters were defeated in this movie. Better luck next time, back to my mission. “Look out worthless humans, I’m walking here and I’ll smash you into rubble. Wahahaha!”

Mecha G’s Monster of the month


“Grrroooaawrrrrr! I’ll grind your miserable souls into dust. Beware, I’ll…” Oh, hey there it’s me Mecha G and it’s time again for my monster of the month. For December it is the She-Demons from the 1958 film of the same name (to be reviewed at this site at some point in the near future). Once beautiful woman are turned by Nazis into flesh starved beasts on a remote island jungle. Oh but those madmen shall pay oh they shall. Time to get back to my full time job. “Here I come, tiny humans. Get ready for hot raging death! Try some of my finger missiles!”


imagesCAGW5JZ3 imagesCAOQ12IZ

Mecha G’s Monster of the month-The deadly mantis


“Demolish, pulverize, grind you into…” Oh, hey there. It’s me Mecha-G and once again it’s time for me so share the monster of the month for November. It is the giant praying mantis from the film the Deadly Mantis.


It was awakened from it’s sleep and began it’s path or destruction. You go, buggy! Then some egghead scientists unfortunately put an end to a perfectly good run of smashing and killing. Oh isn’t that always the way. Oh, well it was a darn good run while it lasted. Have to get back to my day job. “I’m going to lay this city to waste, get ready to be stomped into dust!”



Mecha G’s Monster of the month-The Reptile


Rawrrrrr! Destroy,smash,crush! I’ll grind this city into….oh, hey there, Monster fans it’s me, it’s me it’s Mecha G. Since it’s a new month it is time to feature another monster. The October monster of the month is the Reptile. She of course starred in Hammer films 1966 film of the same name. She wasn’t always a scaly beauty, no she was a pasty human but some nice guy had pity on her and helped her to transform into a much likable form. Unfortunately some fiends cooled things down her on just to be difficult. Oh those pesky humans, they mess everything up. Anyways there you go, if you have never seen the film then check it out. Back to my day job. Grrrraaaaarrrrrr, smash you, grind you into dust!!!!!



Mega-G’s monster of the month-The mole people


Arrrrrrrrrr, must kill Godzilla and take over Japan! Must….oh hey there. Allow me to switch from extreme destroying mode down to casual conversation mode……ah there we go. Hey, it’s me Mecha G and I am just tickled pink or metallic silver to talk about the monster of the month. This month it is the mole people. They appeared duh in the Mole People in 1956. They like digging, walking hunched over and darkness. Turn-offs include light, be treated like slaves and hang-nails. They looked a little rough around the edges, but nice people those mole people. I really dig the Mole People, get it ..dig..because they are mole people. Wahahaha. Anyways back to my day job. Rrrrrrrrr…look out Godzilla I’m coming to blast your rotten, good for nothing tail off!

mole_people_u_01 MolePeople1

Mecha G’s Monster of the month-Coming soon


Grrrrr, I’ll destroy Godzilla, then I’ll destroy the city then I’ll…..
Oh, wait this is a casual column and not a movie. Well, then howdy it’s me, it’s me, it’s Mecha G. I am deleted to be here and this month I will be bringing you the debut of my new column. Each month I will write about a monster from film or television and tell a little bit about them because oftentimes we monsters are a misunderstood lot. So make sure you stop by later this week when I post my first column…
Or else I’ll stomp you flatter than a pancake! Just Kidding., take care.