Back when Tim Burton made good movies week


Tim Burton much like John Carpenter is one of those directors where I liked most of what he up until a point and then it was hit or miss or he really missed. Anyways this week will be about back when I liked his movies. A ten things I learned from Batman will likely happen tomorrow followed by reviews of PeeWee’s Big adventure and Beetlejuice plus maybe one other topic.


Do’s and don’ts from Scrooged

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It’s not nice to try and shoot ghosts, but it’s okay for them to drink your booze.

It’s not alright to glue fake antlers on a real mouse, but it’s okay to staple them on.

It’s wonderful for a TV executive to make a scary, misleading commercial, but it’s totally wrong for an assistant to question said executive.

It’s acceptable to go without a tree, but not acceptable to decorate your little brother as a tree.

Firing someone the day before Christmas is good, but when someone tries moving in on your job it’s bad.

Real ghosts of Christmas future that look like death are fine, but don’t make fake ones look like that because it’s too scary.

Ghosts beating the poop out of you is great, but questioning the ghost is a negative.

Trying to take over production of TV show while the executive is acting nuts is wrong, but holding TV staff at gunpoint is fine and dandy.

Interrupting a live TV show is not okay unless of course it’s too rant about being nicer to people.


There you go. This was my first time viewing this one. My wife recommended it and I thought it was slightly dated, but overall funny.






80’s arcade games that should have been made


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Now the long name for this list would be 80’s arcade  games based on TV shows and movies that I think should have been made. There were a few arcade games based on movies in the 80’s including Star Wars, Star Trek, Tron and Robocop, but not so much on TV shows. There were home games based on movies like Raiders of the lost ark and ET (games buried in the desert). However I wished that more arcade games based on shows and movies had been made back then. Here are my choices in no real order

A-team-This show just screamed side scrolling shooter with maybe levels where you drive BA’s van and maybe even play Murdoch and do crazy helicopter flying. Perhaps you could collect parts and build a crazy weapon to fight the main baddies.

Knight Rider-Imagine a sit down version of this complete with dashboard and various controls.

Beauty and the beast-I see with different levels making your way through the city.

Dukes of Hazzard-Another awesome idea for a sitdown driving game. Imagine avoiding Roscoe on dirt roads and jumping over creeks yeeehaw!

The incredible Hulk-I see this as playing on the idea of the show where Banner has to get his butt kicked so he gets mad and turns into the Hulk. You’d only get limited Hulk time to take care of business before turning back.


Running Man-This one also screams for a game. Battling various psychos as you go along. The 1990 arcade game Smash TV borrowed some ideas from this film.

Die Hard-A crazy violent one against many game in a big building. This could have been cool.

Predator-Guns against an invisible enemy in the jungle. This could have been a challenging and fun game.

Monster Squad-Probably not popular enough for it’s own game, but playing a kid fighting classic monsters has a certain appeal.

For your eyes only (or Octopussy)-I always wished there was a Bond game in the early 1980. Now 1989 saw Secret Agent (Sly Spy) come out and it was close even though it didn’t have the Bond name. However a game based totally on a good film would have been fantastic.

There you. Feel free to add your own ideas.

What to watch on Halloween


I first started picking something to watch on Halloween in maybe the mid-1990’s and not too surprisingly it was the first Halloween. I pulled out the VHS tape oh maybe three years in a row on Halloween. Then around 1999 I switched over to watching the 1931 Dracula every years on the holiday for maybe six or seven years. Since then I have not had as much of a ritual of watching the same film every year on Halloween. I watch some kind of kid’s Halloween special like Peanuts, Garfield or something with my kids. Then once they go to bed I may put something in although some recent years I may not have seen anything due to getting the kids in bed and then needing to get in bed early to get up for work early. This year I don’t have work on Novemebr 1st, but the kids do have soccer playoffs with the first starting at the ungodly and likely frigid time of 8:00 AM-yikes. I have a number of films I’d like to watch on Halloween and a number of horror films I have but have not yet seen. So at some point I have to decide what to watch on Halloween.

***Do you watch a certain movie on Halloween? If so then what is it?

Time Machine 1960 vs. 2002

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The 1960 version of the Time Machine is largely considered a sci-fi movie classic. As well it should, it’s a solid enough adaption of H.G. Well’s Time Travel novel. The suspense and intrigue of traveling through time is captured well and has been the blueprint for time travel in TV and films for the decades since. So it set large shoes to fill for any remakes. Thus was the case for the 2002 film and it was criticized by plenty of people. It had more of a romantic angle and pulled further away from the literary work. Yet it did try to put in plenty of action, suspense and wonder. The 1960 version worked mostly because it developed the unknown parts of time travel and how one could run into unforseen trouble in the future. The viewer is riveted to what is going on. The 2002 version has as do all remakes the task of re-creating the story but adding enough of it’s own ideas to make it work seeing. That’s a tough task so did it succeed? No, not entirely but it was not a total failure either. I think the remake managed to be a decent version of the film. As with many remakes there are followers of the original who are ready to criticize every point as quickly as possible. I love the 1960 version and watch it maybe twice a year. It’s hard to believe the 2002 version is a dozen years old now because I remember seeing it when it was first on video and doesn’t seem that long ago. Count me as one of the minority that thinks the 2002 version was decent in it’s way and I still enjoy watching it from time to time.

10 things about Son of Dracula

son_of_draculasod son of dracula 1

1-Apparently it is okay to call the film what they did even though it is not about Drac’s son.

2-John Carradine pulled off the mustached Drac look better than Chaney does.

3-Materializing out of smoke looks easier than it probably is

4-Apparently Dracula wears a cape wherever he goes.

5-Every area where vampires show up seem to have a local “occult expert”.

6-This film is slow at times, but there is just enough suspense to keep it going.

7-Making Chaney’s Dracula have super strength was a plus.

8-Louis Allbritton is great as Katherine.

9-Despite having a little less action I like Universal’s Dracula films better than their Frankenstein films.

10-Next time Dracula needs to go by a more clever name than Alucard.



robocop_3_-_de Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-3

Ah, the trilogy or oh no the trilogy depending on the specific example. I will be reviewing the third Turtles film soon, but it had me thinking of other trilogies. Recently I’ve watched the Turtles Trilogy, Robocop trilogy, the Porky’s trilogy and the Smokey and the bandit trilogy. Yet I am still alive to write this. Anyways some times you get the rare trilogy like the episodes 4-6 of Star Wars or Lord of the rings where the parts are kind of mapped out and there is a plan in place. Most series run on the let’s wait and see if this films sells and if it does we’ll crank out another. That last part makes sense to studios I’m sure. In many cases we see the original directors replaced or actors or actresses replaced because they have other projects going on at the time of the sequel. It’s difficult to capture the spirit of the original film with a lot of different people involved and frequently we the viewer get something that represents the series in name only. Hence the bad reputation that sequels in general get. There are good sequels, but they are normally outweighed by mindless ones unfortunately. Still fans of a beloved first film will go see another film particularly if enough original people are involved with the project. Plus it’s so great to say trilogy.

Planet of the apes 2001 vs. Rise of the planet of the apes

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The negatives-

POTA 2001-The main human character was so lifeless we had no connection with him. The humans dressed like hipsters rather an oppressed people. The plot was overall predictable.

The Rise of the planet of the apes-The film takes a while to get going. James Franco’s acting may have been fair enough, but a little bland. If you have problems with CGI then this film may bother you.

The positives-

POTA 2001-Despite the outcome I give Burton credit for attempting to revive POTA. The Apes makeup was generally good. Most of the visual effects were very nice.

The Rise of the planet of the apes-The plot is strong and really sets up the series to move on and add other chapters. John Lithgow and Andy Serkis were both fantastic. The film takes time to really make us care and understand about the changes going on with the characters.

Final word-

Tim Burton said his film was a re-imagining and not a remake. Rise set out to reboot the Apes series. POTA 2001 takes on the story from the 1968 film. Rise has more in common with Conquest from 1972 in that it shows the origins of the Apes uprising. To me Tim Burton made a dumbed down action fiction that failed to show respect to the original series. Rather than adding any original ideas or views this film tries to rely on the effects. Visually it’s great, but the human characters give us nothing to make us care about them. Rise focuses on storytelling and showing how the human society starts the changes that will cause the apes to become more than they are. Special effects come into play later, but character development is the center of this film and it’s handled fairly well.

Results-The rise of the planet of the apes revived the apes series as it managed to be respectful enough to the original but added enough new ideas to make it a new chapter in the world of Planet of the Apes. Planet of the apes 2001 came across as a misfire that seemed more interested in the visuals than the actual story.

There you go