TV terror Tuesday-Remington Steele



We only have this one scene so let’s laugh it up.


Steele Crazy after all these years


Murphy goes to his college reunion and runs right into some nasty business. One of his classmates Dan is found dead and hanging from a flag pole. I’ve heard of hanging around but well anyways a former hippie girl Annie (a pre-Ghostbusters Annie Potts) tells Murphy that the dude was hung from the same pole where this other classmate was killed ten years ago. She also said she saw Dan from a distance running and screaming that someone was after him, but she saw no one. Murphy calls in Laura Holt, but Remington Steele comes along as well. Annie tells the story about the dude Tom and how he died ten years ago. He died from an explosion, but Annie doesn’t know all the details because she was outside on watch while the others broke into a building. They were just supposed to vandalize the offices and set off fireworks because they were anti-war or pro-fireworks or something, but some part of the plan went wrong. Later Murphy, Annie and Laura meet with Hector who was also with this group ten years ago. He is scared and tells them his story from ten years ago which is similar to Annie’s. Then they see a figure watching them that they believe is the ghost of Tom so they follow him, they lose him then run back to find that Hector has been killed by a falling or pushed bookshelf- so two down. Not long after this somehow the killer get’s Hector’s body and hangs him from the same flag pole. Wow what a popular hang out-get it oh nevermind. Meanwhile Remington goes to investigate Dan’s room and doors close on him, blood fills the tub and a mirror explodes. Guess he just wasn’t meant to use the bathroom. The others don’t believe him and when they all go they discover wires and devices used to cause the effects that Remington saw-oh man punked. Soon they run into Nat another member of the group who shares a little more of the story from 1973, but doesn’t know exactly how Tom died. They run around, chasing and finally get Lynette the last member of the group. She reveals that Tom went over the edge and was going to blow up the building with a bomb and make martyrs of the others. She whopped him on the head and ran to get the others out so Tom died from his own bomb ten years ago. However Lynette said she didn’t kill Dan and Hector so case not yet solved. Remington, Laura and Murphy are stumped, but they keep searching. Laura finds a picture and realizes the homecoming queen Jillian (Sharon Stone) is Tom’s younger sister and she must be the one who killed the others because she blamed them for Tom’s death. At about the same time Remington is looking at an earring they found at one of the crime scenes and he sees a picture of Jillian wearing those earring and knows shes the one. Laura, Remington and Murphy race to get her and they arrive at the same time to knock her into a pile of balloons. Case solved, maniac stopped. It’s also revealed that the ghostly Tom that was seen was Jillian wearing a mask, wig and his old jacket.


I don’t anything about this mystery business so just go ahead and confess.

The negatives-I loved this show, but there were times when the mystery part wasn’t as great as the character development. This one had some holes for me. Maybe it’s possible that Remington was fooled by the room tricks because he was still learning the PI business at this time. The ghostly Tom sure didn’t look like a woman in a mask so maybe I’ll stretch my imagination and say she moved fast enough that they only got glimpses and thought it was Tom. Could she have escaped Murphy, Laura and Annie in the library and doubled back to push the shelf and kill Hector? Seems like a stretch, but maybe she knew the room better than they did and pulled it off. At the beginning of the show when Dan is running outside in fear it could be assumed that Jillian was chasing him in her Tom the ghost costume. It doesn’t show or tell how Dan died. Could she have surprised and killed him? Possibly because he was spooked and she could have gotten the jump on him. Now I’ll stretch my skeptical nature and grant them the parts above. However the parts I have real trouble buying are how did Jillian get Dan and Hector hung on the flag pole on an upper floor? She had no accomplice, no machinery and she would have had to haul the bodies up there and get them tied up out on the pole. I particularly have problems with the death of Dan because he went from running outside to hanging dead on the pole in a short amount of time. I don’t see how she could have done that part and that bothers me.

The positives-Any time we get to see Annie Potts is a plus. Murphy was only in the first season, but I liked him and was glad to see a story showing a little of his past. I liked the horror/ghost elements of the episode.


What do you mean I won’t be on this show next year?


I’ll bet she never went on to do anything worthwhile.

Kicking off Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc. week

Scooby Doo

Even though I grew up in the 1970’s I don’t that decade’s cartoons as a whole were as good as the cartoons of the 1960’s. Maybe that’s fitting since Scooby Doo actually began in the fall of 1969. However it’s my choice for best cartoon of the 1970’s. While they borrowed some plots on occasion from Johnny Quest this cartoon managed to create it’s own style by combining action, humor, horror and of course mystery. One of my favorite parts about Scooby Doo was that no matter where they went they managed to find monsters and mysteries. It could be the big city, an isolated beach or their home town but they always found some events that needed to be investigated. They also had likable main characters, catch phrases and the monsters were mostly very cool. This was definitely the top cartoon that I acted out as a kid. It also made me thinking the eyes in paintings were watching me, crooks dressed as monsters and the Mystery Machine was the coolest thing on four wheels. So get set for Scooby-Doo week.




The Bat



So what do you get when you mix a horror legend (Vincent Price), one of the scariest TV mother’s ever (Agnes Moorehead of Bewitched), a former Our Gang member (Darla Hood) and a story that had already been filmed several times before? Yeah, you get the Bat a suspense/mystery film that tries to pretend to be a horror film. If you’ve ever bought one of cheapie horror collections from Wal-Mart you may have gotten this film at least once.


“I’ll bet it’s Derwood-oh, wrong program.”

It begins promising enough with Price shooting a guy in a cabin and burning it down to cover up said murder. Don’t be fooled yet though because now you need to prop yourself up to stay awake for awhile. Agnes Moorehead comes into the scene as a mystery writer Cornelia Van Gorder. She and her companion/helper/another older woman talk to a bunch of others-blah, blah, blah including Darla Hood. The two woman live in an old house, no say it ain’t so- the old house! Oh, wait I just figured you should beware of old houses. Maybe so while at said house they hear lots of noises. Eventually there are some real break-ins, people are murdered and a masked guy named …yeah the Bat is suspected. Detective Anderson comes by, looks sour and starts accusing Price (who is a doctor who does research involving bats) and he also accuses the…butler of being the Bat!  What kind of corn is that? The butler? Even Scooby Doo knew better than that most of the time. Anyways the women scream and Cornelia finally remember she is a mystery writer and sets to trying to figure this thing out. Price’s character is killed by the masked wrongdoer the Bat. So the good news, Mr. Price is your character is  off the hook for being the Bat, but the bad news is your character is well dead. Cornelia figures out there are millions of bucks worth of securities hidden in her house and she finds the secret passage. She and a few remaining survivors manage to corner the Bat as he tries to get said securities. Bang, bang, bang the Bat goes down for the count, oh wait it’s just bat movie in name only and no vampires, oh well ignore the attempted joke. Anyways the Bat is detective Anderson, yeah I gave up caring by this point too. Roll the credits.


“Is that Wolverine?”

The acting is alright enough and Moorehead and Price help when they can. Overall it just suffers from being a creaky, low budget film that isn’t scary enough to be a horror film and not really clever enough to be a good mystery.


“I’ll scratch that itch for you.”


The Hardy Boys-The disappearing floor

imagesCASGKJLY imagesCAX2GF9O


So the Hardy boys Frank and Joe are asked by their dad to follow this scientist (Howard Platt who you may recognize from Sanford and son and Bob Newhart) at night by car to an isolated area. He loses them so they eventually they stop rrrrkk and get out. Hoping to find him on foot they soon see a glowing saucer shaped object in the sky aaaaaieee! It comes right at them and vanishes. Then the come upon a large house and decide to go in you know because that’s okay to do, wait it really isn’t.   Ahhh they are fictional detectives so we’ll let it slide. Once I the house it looks all fancy, but then it starts looking warped and the floor seems to open up. Eventually the brothers get away and tell their dad about it. He tries telling this to the company he is working for and gets fired. Oh, dear that’s horrible and it starts a rather confused mystery that involves Russian agents, underground lairs, holograms and some people you may recognize from Star Trek episodes. The pace is steady but the logic and the conclusion aren’t quite as engaging. On the plus side Shaun Cassidy doesn’t sing in this one. The UFO and the weirdo not so funhouse are explained all too easily by them having been holograms.

The positives- Some good guests stars help a little. I liked the UFO and remember this one from when I saw it when it first on.

The negatives- There are far better episodes of this show but they don’t have UFOs in them. To be honest the accompanying Nancy Drew show beats the crap out of this show.

The UFO-It is an elongated saucer shaped ship wrapped in a very bright blue-white light. It’s fairly large, but of course turns out to have been a hologram designed to scare people off. When I was kid it looked more impressive then it does now.



Who put this whoopee cushion here?


That’s no moon!