New year’s resolutions for the blog


I aim to review even more films I am seeing for the first time or have not watched in years.

I hope to review more fantasy, sword and sandal films to go along with the barbarian part of the blog title.

I hope to post 3-4 times a week with 2-3 reviews per week.

I hope to keep up doing the monthly features of Skeletor’s Villain of the month, 80’s-90’s video game of the month and One year shows.

Three years ago I reviewed every episode of the Starlost. I hope to review every episode of another short lived show. I might get it going with the very short lived Star Rangers and then tackle a longer show like the original Battlestar Gallactica, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Planet of the apes, Voyagers or Space Precinct.

After January (which is sort of a theme month) I hope to do at least one theme week per month excluding October which is always the Halloween Hootenanny – horror themed month.┬áTheme weeks may include Gamera, Jungle week, werewolves, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price and more.

I hope to read more blogs and comment on them.

I want to throw it some occasional straight up action shows and movies.


That’s about it. Feel free to make any suggestions.

Thinking ahead to the New Year


I mentioned the other week about features at my that are staying or coming on board. I was thinking more about the writing itself so my goals in my writing here in 2014 are as follows…

-To continue to slaughter the English language.

-To throw in as many odd ball references as possible.

-To be objective and to to look for the good as well as the bad in any and all movies.

-To stick to the topic of the post and to really.. hey look a birdie!

-To force myself to tackle more films that I never seen before ( I have gotten away from this some when I am short on time).

-To try and actually reviews when I say I will (yeah don’t count on that one 100% but I will aim to improve at it).

That’s about it. Also when I first started doing reviews on this blog I included a short list of items I counted in a movie like number of times some one looks at the camera or number of times you can see a wire on a monster. I’m nit sure why I got away from including that likely the above mentioned laziness I enjoy so much but anyways I want to get back into including those counts in my reviews in 2014 which gives me a few more days and a few more reviews to be a slacker for. Feel free to add any suggestions you have for me.