Poster posting-Cry of the Banshee



I know the pictures are not the best, but that’s on me not the posters. This is a poster of Cry of the Banshee starring Vince Price. An okay looking gothic horror about a werewolf like creature they try to pass off as a banshee. Overall it’s fairly average. However this poster is pretty cool. Very much a product of the early 1970’s with the colors and swirling image. I got this for $9 on Buy it now through eBay probably in 2002. It has some slight holes around the deep creases, but still well worth what I paid for it.

Poster Postings-Land of the Minotaur AKA:The Devil’s Men



Here is an example of a good poster for a very bad movie. The 1976 joint UK/Greek production Land of the minotaur was a complete disaster and it’s terribly dull. Even Peter Cushing couldn’t save it. This one sheet cost me about $7 probably 12 years ago. Some doofus put pin holes around the minotaur’s head and there is cracking around the creases, but still worth what I paid for it.