Recent aquisitions

I have buying too much I suppose, but here are the latest additions.


Pacific Rim-2 disc set $7.50 at Wal-mart.




Godzilla against Mechagodzilla from the $5 bin at Wal-mart.



King Kong vs. Godzilla $5 at a different Wal-mart.



Gamera-Legacy Collection $9.99 or $9.95 I forget which and once again Wal-mart.

Add onto that I had the kids in tow as we went past a $1 t-shirt rack at the Wal-mart where I got KK vs. Big G. We looked through it and got this haul-

My daughter got shirts of- Mini-Marvel super heroes, Captain America and Superman.

My son got shirts of Pac-Man, Superman and Iron Man

I got a Venom shirt.

So seven shirts at one buck a shirt equals $7 for 7 new shirts. Can’t beat that.

I also bought my son a new Godzilla poster for $5 and it’s already in a frame and on his wall (we had the frame already.

There you go.

Recent aquisitions


The kids were sick last week which happened to be their spring break week. I have not had a great deal of tv watching time. I did pick up a few DVDs though mostly for the kids.

Hop-I got this one as the kids Easter present from us. A fairly enjoyable film about the future Easter Bunny and his struggle with his role. $7.50

Flushed away-The kids saw this at the dollar theater years ago and liked it. Kind of a North by Northwest of the sewer world. Pretty good. $5.00

The Three Stooges collection-6 movie set-Two older movies with Curly Howard and four from the later Stooges line-up with Curly Joe. The two older films are good. The other four are from the less violent and much older Stooge line-up and they are all right. One of these films may show up in the theme week I hope to tackle next week. $5.00


Recent aquisitions


The other day I realized that I had a $30 Target gift card sitting around. I had won it in a contest at work back in the spring. I had hoped to use it for Christmas presents, but the holiday rolled around and what my daughter asked for had to be ordered online and what my son wanted was very cheap at Wal-mart so we got them at those places. My wife told me I should use the card to get myself a movie or show so at Target I used it to get myself season three of the Six Million Dollar man then I also got the kids a new and slightly different set of UNO cards because our set was very worn. I still had enough left to get the kids a dice game and one lunchable for each of them. So I have been watching episodes of that. I also picked up a DVD set with Hammer’s The man who could cheat death and the Deadly Bees and the Skull from Amicus. So those get added to the already too big pile of junk I need to watch.

Recent aquisitions


In October I picked up way too many movies out of the bargain bin.  No I didn’t need them and no I have not finished watching all the ones I picked up in 2012 or 2011, but I bought these.

8 horror classics with The Prophecy, Subspecies and more

8 midnight horror movies with The Gingerdead man, Howling 4 and more.

Bela Lugosi horror collection-8 public domain films with White Zombie, The Devil Bat and more

The Return of Dracula/The Vampire

Plan 9 from outer space

Deep Blue sea

Halloween 3

20 Amazing sci-fi features with End of the world, Alien Species and more.

Total cost $25 before taxes.


Recent aquisitions


I had my 43 birthday this past Tuesday. I used to like to take off from work on my birthday, but this year I had to work a 12 hour day. It want by fast enough. My wife texted me in the evening to let me know the kids had made something for me and that she was going to let them stay up a little longer than normal to celebrate my birthday once I got off from work. So the kids had each made me hand drawn birthday cards with pictures of the Enterprise and tribbles. We all had cookies and milk (I prefer cookies to cake) while watching the Trouble with Tribbles. It was the best part of the day for sure. My family doesn’t normally get me presents because it’s usually easier for me to just get myself something. So I did for my birthday this year as well. I bought the 2 disc set with Generations and First Contact on it since Wal-mart has it out now while Into Darkness is new. I also ordered a few used films-1976 King Kong which just came in plus A*P*E and King Kong lives but the last two have not come in yet. My wife’s birthday was the previous week so I picked up the 5th and 6th seasons of Third rock from the sun for $5.99 each at Target. My wife and I are both big fans of that show and now we have all of the seasons. Do I need all of these DVDs? No, but I will watch them. So now I have more in the stack to view in the hopefully near future. Expect a review of the 1976 Kong in my Monkey Business week next week plus a review of  A*P*E if it comes soon. If it doesn’t arrive soon then I’ll likely review Konga instead for next week.


Recent Aquisitions

I broke down in recent weeks and bought a few DVDs that were cheaper and I have trouible passing up a bargain. So in recent week I picked up the Hammer feature film set with Dracula-Prince of darkness, The Legend of the seven golden vampires and Frankenstein created woman. This was recently released by Millenium entertainment as a three on one set for less than ten bucks. Anchor Bay put them out years ago, but Prince of darkness was the only one I got on DVD before they went out of print. I also picked up the Pure Terror 50 film set at Wal-mart for under nine bucks. It’s filled with lots of low budget older horror films including plenty from other countries. The last one I got was the double feature disc with Village of the damned and the sequel Children of the damned for $5 at Big Lots. I have seen the first film several times, but all on tv and I have never seen the second film.

So expect some of these to get reviewed in upcoming months.