Saturday morning flashback-Land of the lost



This show from Sid and Marty Kroft ¬†ran three seasons from 1974-76. Father Rick Marshall and his kids Will and Holly go over a waterfall and end up in a land where dinosaurs, lizard monsters and¬†talking hairy people exist. The Marshalls try to survive and figure out what to do next. Their area also seems to be a place where people from other times can travel to often unwillingly so people from the past and the future end up running in the Marshalls. The family learns to adapt but find that is an ongoing process. The first two seasons were great, but before season three actor Spencer Milligan (Rick) asked for money and they said no so he walked. He was replaced by the kid’s uncle (Ron Harper from the Planet of the apes show). The Marshalls went to live in a temple instead of a cave and the scripts were generally terrible for what would be the show’s final season. For the first two seasons it was a solid adventure with some genuine hints of decent sci-fi ideas that were interesting enough to keep the show going. Looking back the effects are not great, but that’s what they could do with the budget they had. When I was a kid I loved it. I remember watching this show on Saturday mornings then in the afternoon I’d go out to my sandbox with plastic dinosaurs and whatever people figures I could find and re-enact the episode I saw that morning. Re-watching them in recent years I still think it’s a solid show that made up for lack of budget with likable characters, decent ideas and a fair amount of action for a kid’s show. This is definitely what first got me interested in dinosaurs as well. The show spawned an early 1990’s TV version and a truly horrible movie a few years ago.

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