The appeal of the haunted house



Whether it’s a story, a TV show, a movie or fun house version I have always liked the idea of haunted houses. I remember as a kid watching shows and movies with the dark house on top of the hill with broken windows and being drawn it. After watching whatever it was I would then take to drawing a haunted house with crayons or constructing one from Legos. The second one also normally involved me making a ghost out of a tissue and a bread bag tie so I could move it about in the Lego haunted house. The appeal of these vacant places has still stuck with me over the years as a movie or show with one in it will earn points from me right away. The creaky stairs, paintings with eyes that seem to follow you and other haunted house cliches were always welcome and still are to me.


Haunted house sound effects


I know longer have a working turntable, but I used to and I still have several hundred albums including this one. This one was made in the early 60’s and someone how I heard it at a friends house and loved it. One side is sound effects-chains, cats, wind and such while the other side has stories of sorts with narration and an ending with sound effects in between. Now I was listening to this even when I like 13 so I was a real Halloween nerd and still am. This record is done by Disney and I remember it so well that I have on a number of occasions heard on effects on this record used in shows and movies mostly from the 60’s through the 80’s.  A staple of my childhood Halloweens for sure.